Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Monday kind of stuff......and I think I had a small explosion in my head last night (I really do!)

The colors that can be seen in our garden, in any given season, still never cease to amaze me.  Now...the cherry and peach blossoms are fading, the azaleas are coming in their full-bloomyness
(and yes, I know that is not a real word, work with me here, you know what I mean!),
but probably one of my favorite flowers this time of year is the kunshiran (clivia) that sits in a big pot by the front door.  It's bright orange and yellow flowers are so beautiful....and even when it's rainy, like it was most of the day, seeing those flowers brings sunshine to my day.

*And if you noticed the flamingo-designed welcome mat, give yourself a couple of points, okay? okay.*

A couple of weeks ago, in my Friday chatting class, we got to talking about (of all things) heels....mainly the dryness and yuckiness that our heels can sometimes suffer and with the warmer weather soon upon us, how we do not want to have anyone see that disgusing stuff on our feet.
One of the ladies mentioned some "miracle sox" that she uses and we were all very interested.  She swore that they worked.  Though the rest of us were a bit skeptical....we were curious and wanted to know where she got them.  (I mean, really...where does one go to buy a miracle, these days?)  She mentioned a particular catalogue and I made a note to check it out the next time I saw it. 
Fast forward a few days.....a small package from my student comes in the mail.
In the package....a miracle....and a note...
"Please try these sox....they will make your heels look like they did when you
were a teenager."
What did I have to lose, right? they are....they are a bit like support sox for your feet (but not as tight.....and did you notice the color??!)
I did like the instructions said and put on cream before putting on the sox (not a must, but something they recommended) and then....waited for the miracle.

After three evenings of wearing these sox to bed....
I have to tell you that
I now....believe in miracles!!
Holy moly..... my heels, where once I was embarrassed to take off my sox,
are smooth....and yes...almost like when I was a teenager.
(But back then, who really cared about what your heels looked like, right?!)

Hmmmm...I'm going back to that catalogue...
since the sox worked so well,
I wonder what they have that would help
my boobs...I'd LOVE for them to be like when I was 17!!!
So...the other day, we went to a new HUGE discount store that opened lately... it's all shiny and bright and is full of so many wonderful things and as we were oohing and aaaahing over all the fun stuff we realized that our youngest was not longer oohing and aaaahing with us, so we split up and went in search of him...all three of us making our way to the pet department where the lady there was cleaning the bunny cages and the sweet little furry bunnies were hopping all over the floor and this is what we found....

Goofy kid....I think we'll keep him...
but not the bunny.
Sorry, honey.

And then...yep...I think my head just might have tried to explode....
This morning was like any other day...
after getting the boys on their merry little ways
(and by "merry" I mean 'grumbling-why-do-I-have-to-go-to-school'),
I went about my morning routine....
wash hair...check.
cleanse face....check.
moisturizer, a little foundation....check. check.
right contact....check.
Oh, yeah. Broken blood vessel (s) in my eye.
Doesn't hurt....but looks like hell.
One of my students cringed and then said, "Oh this has happened to me a couple of times."
Really? Well....this is a first for me and it kind of freaked me out.
Has this ever happened to you?
How long does this last?

I feel like this is just the beginning and it can really happen....
you know that whole
"and then my head exploded" idea!!!!

Like being a tall, blond, not-so-small foreign woman
surrounded by much-shorter/smalerl-than-me is not enough...
now....NOW....I look like I'm bleeding out of my eyes.
Oh yes...this is very attractive.
Thank God I was having a good hair day or it would have been really bad.
I'm going to bed, now....I fully expect the other eye to blow any minute
and I really think I need to be in a horizontal position for this.
Good night, my dears.....I hope your day is a good one.


Janet said...

holy crap Debbie, I hope your eye doesn't explode! Just in time for your special day, too, damn it!

San said...

Love the orange flowers! You grow the most beautiful stuff in Japan! Miracle Sox? I've used a similar one and they do really work. I agree, I wish I could find a "miracle" product for my boobs, actually my whole body!
Boy & Bunny = cutest pic ever.
Your eye- not so cute. Go to the ophthalmologist girlfriend!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Your poor little eye! I'm pretty sure it was the Miracle Sox. I don't know how, but you better mail them to me right away just to be on the safe side.

smalltownme said...

Love, love, love the bunny cuddling!

Nancy said...

I am not so sure about the eye thing but I sure do hope it gets better. Does knowing that there will be more Reese's on the way to you help? It may not help your eye to heal but maybe it will keep your head from exploding!!!

Unknown said...

go to the eye dr - i had something that looked similar and it was a scratch on my eye & i couldn't wear my contacts for a while...

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've had that eye thing before. Once when I was coughing a lot--so that I got, but then once out of the blue. I agree . . . WTH?

I NEED those Sox.

Gina said...

Aww.. look at how much he loves that bunny! He's adorable!

Your eye does look bad. Was it caused by your contacts?

Ms. Lea said...

The Flowers are gorgeous! I have to say I Love the Bunny Pic too :)

Hula Girl at Heart said...

That blood vessel looks nasty. On the other hand, your flower is lovely, doll. And I am intrigued about those socks. Do they make something similar for sagging fannies do you think?

Very Mary said...

oh my. I busted a blood vessel in my eye when I was giving birth. Took for freaking ever to heal. Ugh.