Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 2 (of 365) and all is pretty damn good

(Thanks Cheri for the great cake picture...someday...we'll have it fer reals.)

So...Tuesday was the official celebration for the day the world was blessed with my presence. =^-^=
Tuesday was....a great day...a flamingolicious day!
Not great as in earth moving, heart-palpitations-great, but....still.....yeah..
(Thanks, Nancy, for the decorations!!)
The weather was a bit rainy, seemed as if anytime I ventured outside---no that particular moment...I kid you not.  It was kind of freaky
and very cool.

I spent the morning.....having some great ME-time....listening to the music I wanted to, reading a little bit, going through messages from friends over at that ever popular social-networking site (rhymes with 'spacemook') and making a yummy bunch of potato skins for my students in the afternoon. 

We are studying 'restaurant English' and one of the menus we are using had potato skins listed.
After describing what they were, I could tell that, even though they could understand the words and what I was saying, the whole concept of putting that all together was......"huh?"
So....being the ever "do what I can to help my students understand" kind of teacher that I am,
I made some and took them to class.
(And here you thought I was just an English teacher!!)

They loved them by the way.  General thinking was that
"they would be awesome with a cold beer".
I love my students.

And then......I came home after class to this
and these

(Which totally made the girly-girl in me stand up and want to high-5 everyone!!  Some of my friends have made it their mission to give me things they know I would never buy for myself.  They are usually so right in their choices....they make me smile!!)

Then...some more

Oh yeah...right there...are you seeing what I'm seeing?

I now have a garish IPod to go with my garish cellphone
(and pen and calculator and a host of other stuff).
It totally sucks being me, sometimes.
Went for dinner with my boys...
Nothing special...just good food that was really reasonable...and the best part?
Yeah....I didn't have to cook or do dishes.
THAT, my friends, was the "icing on the cake"....
Speaking of cake...we didn't have room for any (the restaurant was buffet-style)
 so I will make a strawberry one using my Grandma Hutches' recipe on Sunday.

Yep....we are in  "birthday week" celebration mode, my friends...this weekend I will be
having a nice dinner with some friends on Saturday night, where I may or may not put on a dress
but will definitely be wearing one of these pairs of shoes for the occasion:
These girls have been hidden away in my shoe closet for waaaay too long....
if celebrating turning 48 (uh-huh...oh yes, I am!!)  isn't the time to bring them out,
I don't know what is!!
(Personally...I'm partial to the gold pair....)


Janet said...

Dude, I really thought you were in your 30s...there is NO WAY you look like you're 48! Makes me like you all the more, tho, knowing you're closer to me in age...dunno why, but there it is!

I'm craving yakisoba! Yes, I know that has nothing to do with anything, but...GAH! Maybe I'll make that for dinner tonight...hmm...I KNEW I should've bought that cabbage the other day!

smalltownme said...

I'm so glad it was flamingolicious! And I take full credit for coining that word!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You deserve flamingoliciousness every day!

Moxy Jane said...

I totally think you should make that pen and calculator into some sort of bling to wear with your gold shoes;-)

Debbie, you are constantly a source of joy and inspiration in my life!! Love ya!!

shrink on the couch said...

I am smiling, picturing a giant, nearly invisible pink flamingo shaped umbrella over your head, shielding you from the rain. Not at all hard to imagine!

Happy Birthday, you young, sexalicious thang!

Eidin said...

Happy birthday to you! :)