Friday, October 31, 2008

killing two topics with one pumpkin

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

We got a great pumpkin for our Jack o'Lantern this year...and the boys and I spent a few days going through pictures on Google and different sites for carving pumpkins (there are some pretty spectacularly creative people out there, my friends!! Man! The ideas they come up with!! Unbelievable!!!)

I finally found one that I thought would be perfect....not only for Halloween, but also, because the 31st just happened to fall on a Friday, for my Flamingo Friday, too., I've had the men in this house snicker at some of my ideas before, but never...NEVER have I been scoffed at...until now!! It was just an idea for crying out's not like I was wanting to change something major in the celebration!!! Jeez Louise!!!
I found out this week that what we have here....are three men who think that a Jack o'Lantern should 1. have a face and 2. be kind of scary when the candles are lit. So much for my cool idea.

And what was my wacky idea anyway??? what I wanted to do:

So, what did we do? This...*yawn* is what we did:
(It's okay, but....personally...I think it looks like it had a lobotomy or something!!!) teehee

*You can guarandamntee there will be 2 pumpkins at the Kuroiwa's next year!!!

Issei in his very old sombrero and me with my "anti-angel" horns!! and after seeing those wrinkles on my forehead, I'm wishing those horns were anti-aging ones!!! grrrrrrrrr.

More messing around with that very cool photo site.....Me thinks the K-man could totally be a pirate!! My oh my!! Watch out Mr. Depp...there's a new pirate in town!!

My very own live kitchen witch!!! I'm still waiting for him to do some magic in cleaning that particular room up a bit....~~sigh~~

He was watching some dry ice in a bowl of water. Mwahahahahaha!!!

A blast from a Halloween past.....Issei's first Halloween. He was a baby dinosaur and Daddy got the brainy idea to mix green water color with some water and baby lotion....he was cute when we left for the party, but thanks to his major drooling and hugs from other kids and adults, this was what we were left with....and many people had green on their clothes!!

While I was going through the pictures, I also found these....if they don't make you smile, then I don't know what will!!!

My "jazz baby" (Issei) at an outdoor concert....please notice the flamingo motif of the blanket!!! I do love me some baby boys' boxer shorts....big boy ones aren't bad either!!!

Issei....13 months...getting ready for bath and not quite getting the sweater off his head!!! Yeah...we do like our babies "chunky style"!!!
You all have a great safe...have fun...I wish you a bag full of candy that will last until Christmas!! Oh.....and eat some candy corn for me, please!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

(**Do I have to put a title on every post?!**)

**I'm just wondering about that right now because if I do...then...we are pretty much ...yeah...screwed. I got nothing. **

I was listening to some music the other day and at the end of one song, the Great Jimmy B (as in Buffett, of course) said something that, after chuckling about it all day long, I guess I subconsciously adopted as my "way to do things this week" motto. And what were these incredible pearls of wisdom?

"Indecision may or may not be part of my problem."

Ever since Monday afternoon, I've been thinking about what to post next. So many possible topics to delve into...and yet....pfffllllltttttthhhhh. Again with the nothing.~~sigh~~ Can I play the "random card" again? I may have to just change the title of my blog from "Etc., Etc., Etc." to "Random Ramblings". (Thanks Google for the great picture!!)

Last summer when I was in the States, I spent quite a bit of time laughing my behind off in the aisles of the various card shops....Oh, I usually do this, but this time some of the cards were just extremely funny. (Maybe it was the funny cards + the margaritas...we'll never tell!). Anyway...the ones that were the best were those that had old know the ones..the black and white photos that everyone has in boxes or faded picture albums at Grandma's house. Some of them had the funniest things in/on them...which caused many a ~snort~!
For example...there was this card.....

..and on the inside..."A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she's a tramp."

Anyway, I found these napkins that used the same photos and yes, I do believe I have posted this particular one before, does make me smile!!!

At Koji's daycare, in preparation for 1st Grade ("Everybody say YEAH!!!"), his group is no longer taking a nap or having 'quiet time' in the afternoon. For me....this is great. Koji is very much like me in that we power sleep. "And that would be....what, Debbie?" you may be asking yourselves. Let me try to explain....he and I do not require the average 8 hours plus of sleep that most people need because (and I'm totally just throwing out numbers here) I do believe that:

1 hour regular person sleeping time = 2.5 hours Debbie/Koji sleeping time the daycare, when Koji and his class were taking naps and sleeping 2 hours...for Koji, that was like sleeping almost 5 hours. Ergo...the evenings were hell here at Kamp Kuroiwa because one Little Kuroiwa wasn't sleepy....which made it difficult for Mama Kuroiwa to get anything done that she needed to get done. grrrrrrrrrrrrr for the last 5.5 years!!!!

But now.....peace has been restored at the Kamp in the evenings and it's great. It was a bit bumpy at first, with Little K. trying his hardest to take a nap on the sofa before the table during dinner....after dinner...before bath. One night, he and I were watching TV while the K-Man and Bigger K. were in the we were watching, I noticed his arm getting heavier...and heavier...around my shoulder. The kid was out. Turn out the lights, the party's over. Good night, Dick. And of course, I had to take a picture of it.

Don't you wish that your fingernails matched the cup you were drinking out of???

(Sorry...sad to say, but...I would NEVER make it as a "hand model"!! Yikes!!)

Color, by the way is O.P.I.'s Japanese Rose Garden. {smile}

So....there I was...about to start class the other day....all 24 students sitting pretty quietly, waiting for me to get started....when I noticed the shirt of one of the younger ladies. I read it. Read it know, to make sure that I had read it correctly the first time. After I could talk without chuckling....I asked her if I could take a picture of her shirt. Look at it...carefully. I love it!!! I may have to get one!!

~~sigh~~ I love Japan. Usually, the things I read on shirts are just eye-rolling stupid...but this? This one made me laugh!!!

A friend sent me a picture site that is really quite much stuff to do and waste whatever free time you have doing. Go to PhotoFunia and see what things you can create!!

Yep....this is 3:54 PM.

May you be just that, to someone else. Pass it on!!! :-D

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The one where Debbie was OFFICIALLY random..yeah-huh, she was

Enough of just being random for the heck of it....I was actually tagged for a random-type meme a while two different people. ...I'm just now getting around to it..sorry it's taken me so long.

Here are the rules:
1) Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself, some random, some weird
3) Tag 7 more people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs 4) Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs

Helena Writes... and 3rdEyeMuse....and anyone else interested...these are for you.

7 Things about Me:

1. I can whistle like a big dog! No...not that Singing In The Rain kind of whistling...I mean that "Hey You....yeah, You...5 blocks away...come over here!!!" kind of whistle!! When I was about 10 years old, I practiced so hard to be able to do that. I'm still jealous of my brother who can do it without using his fingers....I keep practicing!!! The first time the K-man heard me do that at a concert I'm not sure if he was more shocked or impressed...the look on his face was classic.

2. I walk really in my back is straight and my shoulders are back. When I was 12, my step-grandfather had me out in the driveway with books on my head walking around until I could do it without the books falling off. He made me so mad and at times I just cried, but I was not going to let him win...thanks to that and to his thinking that "walking like a defensive lineman just doesn't look right for a young lady", I now walk a lot prouder than I used to...and seeing young girls lumbering along (as they sometimes do) really bothers me. His idea of "be proud of who your are and others will take notice" has stuck with me all these years.

3. Hi. My name is Debbie and I read romance novels. Oh...I have all the bestselling novels (or have access to them) but...really...I have such little time to read...I want to be entertained......personally, I want to escape a lot of the time...and the more hot, steamy sex romance there is, the better!!

4. I don't have a microwave. Shocking, I know. The microwave in my oven bit the big one about 4 years ago and we just never got around to getting a new one. I have learned to adjust to life without a hot dish in 30 seconds...I do things the old fashioned way, like my grandma used to...and yes, I have a bamboo steamer! (but sadly, not the wind chimes...darn it!!) I can warm up 3 different kinds of foods at one time (if I need to) and really, IMHO, it tastes better than if I had stuck it in the microwave. There are times though, when I wish I had when someone sent me the recipe for the in-the-microwave-too-easy-for-words-coffee-cup chocolate cake...but then again, my jeans probably wouldn't fit as well if I had had one!!

5. My new comfort food is Golden Oreos. Man oh man but those are scrumptious. NOT good to have around when PMS is on the horizon...because, they are/were soon gone. It's not a pretty story, so don't ask, okay? Thanks.

6. Boiled eggs make me gag. Ever since I was 3-years-old when I had an experience that is still very vivid in my mind (one that my mom swears is not exactly accurate and that she knows what really happened....whatever!!). Because of that traumatic experience, I didn't even eat scrambled eggs until I was 18. When it comes to boiled eggs, if I can see them (like in potato salad) I will just push them to the side. Deviled Eggs (an ever-popular item at get-togethers where I'm from) will guarantee that I will be somewhere else when the food is served until those disgusting things are gone. Oooh, just thinking about them now is making my gag reflex start to kick in.

7. I believe in angels and that whole idea that we have them watching over us. I have had a couple of experiences that, if you don't really believe in them, would make you think I was crazy. Shoot......I thought I was going crazy at the time. But, once I realized what it was...or more specifically who it was, I wasn't as freaked about it. know that I am supposed to tag 7 people, but...I also know that quite of few of the people I read have already done this one....soooooo....I'm going to take the weenie's way out and say...."Hey...why don't YOU do this? Yeah...I'm talking to YOU. Go's pretty fun. And when you get done, let me know. Okay? Okay."

Friday, October 24, 2008

....and then Life up and gave me a huge noogie-wedgie combo about 5:30 tonight...

But....thank God, something wonderful happened to save Kamp Kuroiwa from total destruction!!

Tonight on my way home, I had serious thoughts of just dropping my ungrateful, bickering little monsters sons off at the house with my "What? You mean, I have to do something tonight???" husband and then just drive as fast as I could as far away as possible go somewhere alone. But, thinking that, no, I should probably just suck it up and gaman ("put up with it all")....I am the adult in this situation....I will not let this kind of stuff get me down! ("That which does not kill me only makes me stronger," she said over and over again to herself.)

I parked the car and while the younger male members of our family were on the steps about to drop their bags and have a knock-down....I sat in the car, head on the steering wheel and said a short prayer to help get me through the night. (Go ahead...sing the Carrie Underwood song...I have been!!)

Dragging myself out of the car, up the steps and over the fighting only thoughts were "If I can only make it until after dinner....I'll be okay." AND "Please, dear Lord, let there be a cold can of beer in the fridge."

Turning on the light in the kitchen and trying to get all my bags to the table without dropping anything, I didn't see what was sitting on the table....yeah, okay.....there are a lot of things on the table...I pretty much ignore the stuff I don't need at that particular moment in time.

Anywhoooo....Hellllloooo?? What is this? A package?

Eh? That's a nice sized package......From the States!!

Quickly....I opened it up........finding........this

(Don't you love that animal print paper...the sender rocks!!! She's so cool that way!!!)

Carefully opening that package, the whole time wondering what the heck could be inside.....I found these beauties....

And it's Flamingo fabulously fantastic is that for timing, huh?!?!

May I introduce you to.....Laverne

and Bob.
Aren't they great?!?!?!? Koji and I named them ourselves (His idea was Grinch for the 'manmingo'..I had to explain how that, even though we love the movie, it wasn't such a good name for something so incredibly cute!!! But, he did giggle when I said "Lavern". There's hope yet!!)

Yep, this is where I got the name Laverne...remember when Cher did that character on The Sonny and Cher show mmmmaaaannnnyyy moons ago? That bird was just begging for a name like that!!

I'm loving the drinks in their claws!! And Bob? He has a lei around his neck and Laverne's glasses are heart shaped!! Nancy, my good may stalk me any.time. And have a place to stay, your own personal tour guide who knows the best shopping places and has some really good bar connections!!! That's the least I can do for your help in bringing peace back to Gotham City Kamp Kuroiwa!!! **MWAH**

(Where or where am I going to hang this lovely couple?!?!?! I'll do that tomorrow!! :-D)

and...of course...I'm RED!!! (were there any doubts!?!)'s 12:41 in the freakin' A.M. late...and here I sit in front of the computer knowing full well that in less than 6 hours, I have to get up....UGH...~~sigh~~and grrrrrrrr.

And I am. (picture me with my head down, looking really pathetic...but still really cute in my Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo sweatshirt and Denver Broncos boxers!!!)
Okay...okay...okay....let me just post this and, I promise, I'll turn off the computer....or at least, I will try!!

My Mom sent me one of those "Which are you......?" sites in an e-mail. You know the ones....which flower (or dog or Sesame Street character or cell phone or super hero or.....whatever!) are you? You answer some questions and then some computer program highly trained individuals look at your answers and then make their decision based on the information you gave. ...or something like that. the precious free time that I have.....I found out that

I'm a Chevrolet Corvette!

You're a classic - powerful, athletic, and competitive. You're all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Yeah, baby. varoom varoom!!

So....go take the quiz....which one are you?

My Mom, by the way, wrote in her message that she was "a Porsche....???????". Not sure what all those question marks were all about...she doesn't think she's worthy of that label?!?!? Oh...LindaLindaLinda!!! But you are!!!!! :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When someone makes you something that is EXACTLY what you didn't know you wanted

About six months ago, I got into my head that I wanted to get a new bracelet. I wear bracelets everyday and I have a lot to choose from....wooden beads from the temple, ceramic beads from Kyoto, silver bracelets that were wedding presents from my Mom, a Mexican silver bracelet from my good friend Lila, a couple really tacky, yet wonderful "retro" looking costume ones, an Italian Charm bracelet from my cousin when my dad passed away...just to name a few.

The bracelet I was thinking of, I had never seen. I wasn't even sure what I really wanted, but I knew that when I saw it.....I would know it. I did know that I wanted on it one know, to remind me to do just that in times when I get stressed or upset or when I just need to stop~~and take a break.

I had been reading one particular artist in Nebraska and when she got her shop going again in Etsy, I went to see what kind of things she did. (For those of you not familiar, Etsy is a site for artists and designers to sell their homemade things. You can pretty much find anything you want there....if you have an hour or two to spare, go and take a look!!! It's a serendipity kind of place!!)

Anyway, I contacted Michelle after looking at what she had and asked about custom orders. I mentioned the whole "I know what I want but I don't really know what it looks like" thinking and from what I can gather, she saw this as just another of life's I am sooo glad she took.

She asked me some questions...tossed some ideas at me (a couple I'm saving for another bracelet...when she's up for it!!)...came to visit me here...and then she got to work. I was so excited about this....and I am incredibly glad that I asked Michelle to do this.
I have been not so patiently waiting for the box to arrive.

And came.

I carefully opened the box.......

....and nestled in the white tissue paper...was this.....


I love the toggle clasp....but, the whimsical bead hanging next to it...that is just the magic touch.

This is the picture that she sent to me after she had finished it.

The story of this bracelet doesn't finish here with a very satisfied customer (one who WILL be going back!!). No, my friends....there is much more to this bracelet.

Michelle mentioned in an e-mail that while she was working on the metal part, one particular song kept going through her head. I didn't know the song so I Googled it to see if I could find it. I did. Here are the words:

Breathe on me, breath of God,
Fill me with life anew,
That I may love what Thou dost love,
And do what Thou wouldst do.

Breathe on me, breath of God,
Until my heart is pure,
Until with Thee I will one will,
To do and to endure.

Breathe on me, breath of God, Blend all my soul with Thine,
Until this earthly part of me
Glows with Thy fire divine.

Breathe on me, breath of God,
So shall I never die,
But live with Thee the perfect life,
Of Thine eternity.


I then went to YouTube to see if there was a video of this....the words to this hymn were so powerful, I wanted to hear the music....I needed to hear the music. I found a couple videos of people singing in the church or small choirs. But one video...was amazing. The song in that video, by the same title, has different words....but.....the meaning is the same and just as the link if you want and see/hear.

Like most people, I have had my share of questioning faith. I have seen my faith come and go in waves...sometimes so strong and yet other times almost non-existent. As I listened to the sure in what she was singing...her own faith almost visible...I read the words that were at the bottom of the video. I sat here with tears streaming down my face....feeling something I have only felt one other time...when I was 27 and it was at the end of the church service, the preacher asked for anyone who wanted to come forward and join the church by being baptised and he would meet them in the aisle to help them along that jouney.....I was almost halfway to him before I realized I had actually left where I was sitting and had started walking.....that's the feeling I had listening to that song.

Maybe what we are talking about is a "being in the right place at the right time with the right friend" kind of thing. I don't know. I do know that the original purpose of this beautiful bracelet has now doubled....

And I do know this: Michelle at Jewelry By Michelle is one of the most talented and creative jewelry designers I have had the pleasure to meet in a long time. Click on that link, or go to her Etsy shop.... see what she's might find something that you didn't know you wanted...or needed!!!

Thanks, Michelle. You're the best!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

no...No...NO......Hell NO!!

Today....between my morning class and my afternoon class, I had some free time so I ran to my favorite discount shop (the one that could seriously give Wal-Mart a run for its money...keeping in mind that while in the States, I do prefer Tar-jay!)...I needed some stuff for Issei's over-nighter his class is taking on Wednesday and we needed some coffee (running dangerously low!) and of course, I had to find my "weekly impulse item".

I entered the store...grabbed my basket...and made my way over to the cosmetic area to see what O.P.I. nail polish I could buy today (I do that sometimes....the colors are great and honestly, I just love the I bought Royal Flush Blush...I also have Argenteeny Pinkini, Nicole Alert! and Don't Know...Beets Me, along with a few others!!). I picked up some laundry soap (but forgot the dish soap...damn!)....and then....ERRRRRRCCCCCHHHHHHH! (sound of car tires squealing to a stop.) what I saw...........

I don't know if the picture is blurry because my cell phone camera sucks or......I have totally become one with my camera and it is showing the way I was actually viewing the scene before me. I numbly found my way to the coffee...grabbed a couple of bags and then ran to the check-out counters, totally forgetting about that "impulse item" (which shows you just how distraught I really was!!! I never forget that!!).

I'm sorry....but just wrong.

And remember....there are only 65 shopping days until Christmas.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A weekend of the nicest kind

This weekend was one of those that I wish all weekends could be like. I have classes on two Saturdays a month and then the other Saturdays are usually filled with household stuff that needs to be done or events or whatnot from either Issei's school or after-school program or Koji's daycare. Yesterday? Nothing. Nada. nani mo nai. I was free. And so....I spent the day...being very busy...doing what I wanted....just me (for most of the day!)....and it was great.

First....I woke up about 5:30 so I could get ready, get Issei's bento made and take Koji to the daycare because I had to be on the road by 7:30. I....was on a mission.

Me....on the road.
Since most of the hour and a half trip was around Omura Bay, this was the view on my right.
Just to let you know that it was an absolutely gorgeous day....almost hot and on October 18...I was wearing flip-flops!!! I LOVE IT!!!
So.....where was I going on such a wonderful day? make a long story short....a friend of a friend of a friend is a Hawaiian lady who teaches hula on the military base in Sasebo. I'm constantly amazed at how the connections of friends work sometimes.....the first friend is one of my students who has become much more than "just a friend". Her friend, who she met on the Japanese version of Facebook, is a woman married to an American stationed at the base (they just got moved here from Hawaii). Her daughter takes hula from Aunty Maile. I gently finagled an invitation to visit her class....and immediately in love with her....and with everyone in that class. There are about 8 or 10 students....most of them Japanese women with some connection to the base...and a few Americans, one being Angel, who is 16.

I love my class that I take here in Nagasaki. My sensei (teacher) is wonderful and the other people in the group are great. But.....something is missing. I was hoping that Maile could help me find that something. The first class I attended.....Maile met me at the bus station with a flower for my hair and a hug and......that was it.
I wish I could put into words what it is like to be in her presence. Just to spend the time with her....watching her dance....listening to her advice....just breathing in her's all so energizing. It's....that something I was looking for. When I am in her class, I find that dances that I have never done before are easy to follow and I can soon do them with the rest of the class. She is true inspiration for me.

If you have the this video that my friend Keiko took of Maile. It's short but, you can get an idea of her energy....of which I try to take as much as I can with me when I leave...enough to last until the next month when I can get there.
Mahalo, Maile, Keiko, Angel, Takako, K-chan and everyone else.... from the bottom of my heart, mahalo!

Keiko gave the boys witch hats....and we had some dry ice in the sink....Koji was very interested in how that dry ice was working...which made for a great photo!!!

Saturday was the K-man's birthday....for dinner we had a bit of a celebration....first we started with a couple of cold ones.

Then we moved on to some yaki niku, which is beef, pork, and various veggies cooked on a grill in the center of the table, then dipped in a sauce. It's a DIY way of cooking....everyone takes what they want when it's ready. Add a bowl of rice and some soup and call it dinner. I do love meals like this!!!

Of course we had cake!!! Every time someone has a birthday, we always say "Oh, we should have gotten one of those ice cream cakes from Baskin Robbins." This year, that is exactly what I did. There was a shop (but here, it's called "31 Flavors"!!) near the station where I parked so after the staff reassured me that the dry ice would keep the cake frozen for 3 hours, I said, "ok". Oh...and FYI.....I think the ice would have probably lasted another hour!!

Hmmmmm....candles on an ice cream cake?? Good thing we only had 10 candles!!!

This was the "Chocolate Nut" cake....and yeah, was scrumptious!!! From the bottom...chocolate cake, fudge ice cream, chocolate cake, some other kind of ice cream, a cookie layer, vanilla ice cream with almonds and caramel sauce...all topped with a frozen chocolate fluffy-stuff and drizzled with more caramel....and then a few dollops of whipped cream and some more nuts and call it absolutely sinful!!!! Yep, you can also call it gone!!! We ate it all!!!

This morning started with this....and the paper....and then two more of this.

Because I had something that looked like this in my bathroom (picture from Google Images!!) that I needed to get started on. (Thanks to the three cups of coffee for energy, (and a really dry day!) it all got washed, hung out and then folded and put away by late the vacuum, cleaned the toilet, dusted and did some organizing in my room. ~~whew~~)

We had breakfast with the warlocks.

While the boys were all outside playing (well, the K-man was working in the garden and his room playing guitar and whatnot), I got out the Halloween decorations and put some of them up. (Sorry about the graininess of the pictures, but, I used my cell phone camera. Must look about getting new phone with better camera!!!)

Ssssssh.......don't tell anyone that this is still behind the door to the kitchen!!!! {smile}

And now....the day is done....and I'm's been a great weekend. I'm going to ignore the multiplying posts in my Google Reader until tomorrow...after I post this I'm doing some planning for classes tomorrow and then...."Goodnight, Gracie."!

I hope you have a great Sunday....if you have good weather, go out and enjoy it. If the weather's not so good, then...stay in, watch a movie, play a game...enjoy the day. And if you are a football fan and watching a game....."Go (insert your team name here)!!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

and so....the went where?

No really....where did it go? Granted, Monday was a holiday over here, but I didn't realize that Monday made the week seem so much longer. Weird.

So, here's evidence that my blogging energy is starting to ooze into my daily life....I was doing some cleaning of some old jewelry and found the best pin....and since I do that whole Flamingo Friday thing, how perfect it is. I wore it today and I think I'll wear it every Friday.

Speaking of things on shirts...well, technically the flamingo is "something pinned on a shirt" and this next train of thought is "actual things on a t-shirt"....sort of kind of maybe the same? of my favorite stores in the States is the Big Dogs store. They have a wide variety of "dog-themed" t-shirts, jackets, boxers, lounge pants...pretty much anything you want, you can get...for the whole family...and your dog!!! We bought Issei a t-shirt from there a few years ago that he just loved and wore more often than anything else and it had this on it....(I borrowed the picture from their website!!)

They have parodied so many movies....Toy Story, Star Wars, Iron Man....the list is endless. Go and check them out if you have the time....a warning though...some of them are a bit....colorful....and yeah....rude. I love them!!!!

One of my favorite shirts just has their logo on the front....up just below my shoulder. I had it on yesterday and when the K-man saw it he was all.......

K: Are you going to wear that today?

D: (a bit confused) What? The jeans? The t-shirt?

K: That t-shirt.

D: Well....sure...why not?

K: Isn't it rude?

D: (looking down and then smiling) It's the name of the store....not an announcement.

*Sometimes what he does understand in English is not always the best thing to know!!! :-D

Playing around with the Body Parts Halloween candy a friend sent to us!!!

(those are gummy teeth...hard to tell 'cause they were hard to hold in his mouth!!!)

I like to think that I give equal time to all my subjects and since I talked about dogs already, I guess I need to give some time to cats. I found this somewhere and it just made me giggle.

Have a great day you will I hope.