Monday, December 26, 2011

the one where debbie just let you know she WAS alive....

december 26, 2011
and a Christmas party with my students
angsting 13-year-old
9 year-old brother doing what big brother is doing
old car about to go down for the count
student, who was also a very good friend, passing away
pta crap, dealing with overbearing mothers
and a lot of piddly little things that make me wanna bang my head on the table.
(and that really hurts)

there has been good stuff,too....
but yeah...

the holidays....hell, december came before i was ready.
i joke that my 'to do list'  from september isn't finished yet...and really...
i'm not joking. 
it isn't finished.

but i come to the blogging world and i read YOUR posts and they make me smile.
they remind me that life IS good.
sometimes i laugh out loud.
one of these days,
i will have to find the un-mehness and energy  to sit down here and do this.
i'm not making any promises.
i'll just see you in the new year.