Monday, May 14, 2007

A very nice Mother's Day, indeed...

And "Why do you have a picture of a rug here, Debbie?" , you might be asking yourself....maybe....anyway...this was one of my Mother's Day presents!! This is in the kitchen, in front of the sink....isn't it great!! I told Kiyoshi that we may have to re-think our "theme" (mainly chili peppers!!) in the kitchen...we are getting a Hawaii/Mexico mix going on and I'm not really sure that it works!! Oh, well....we like it!!
I was very surprised to get this, along with presents that the boys picked out last weekend when Kiyoshi took them out for the day (from Issei---a decorative box with drawers for my desk that we have to make, and from Koji---air freshener....really nice "mixed berries" smell). Then, when we went to the grocery store, I gave the boys some money and left them at the flower shop (I just ran to the bank machines!!) and they picked out a very nice flower arrangement. (I do this on my birthday and Mother's Day...Issei has gotten really good at picking the flowers I like!!!)
I hope that you had a good Mother's day....if you're a mom...I hope you got lot's of good stuff and your family treated you extra-special...if you're not a mom, then...I hope you called your own mom or someone 'like' a mom and told her that you loved her!!! Share the love, everyone...share the love!!! *smile* the case anyone is wondering about the "door" in the floor or our kitchen....many houses in Japan have a special storage compartment in the floor. There are actually 2 pretty big storage bins on rollers under there....lot's of stuff that we don't use very often is in there....very good idea for houses with very little "visible" storage!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yes...I am still here....

....I'm just not very motivated to do much of anything! :-D Today is the last day of a holiday for us...."Golden Week" was actually only Monday, Thursday and Friday, but many companies just take the whole week off. Issei and I were neither one very happy campers when we had to go to school/work on Tuesday and Wednesday!!! Yesterday, Saturday, was "Boys Day"....Issei thought he and Koji should get some extra "fun" stuff....he didn't really understand my humor when I told him that I thought that "everyday was boys' day"!!! Oh well....I hope he doesn't suddenly understand the joke in a few days when I remind him that Mother's Day is coming soon!!!

I will try to get some more pictures and "stuff" up soon....but right now, I'm going to go to bed. Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days and pretty much kick my butt so I need to get some "re-energizing" before I have to "seize the day"!!

You all have a good week...OH...and yes, the VW....STILL my "dream car"....*sigh*....the only thing better would be a convertible VW....double *sigh*!