Tuesday, July 10, 2012

enjoying the sun while we can......

i've mentioned it a gazillion times before that it's the rainy season, right?
seriously....we had rain for, oh i duno....8 days....18...24 days....straight.
(after awhile, it all just starts to mesh into one huge rainy day so it's hard to keep track)

light rain.
hard rain.
showers. downpours.
enough to cause flooding...mudslides...accidents 
here in nagasaki city, we were pretty safe...just a lot of warnings.
we were lucky...other parts of the island weren't so lucky.

and then....
on sunday, we woke up to this:
my goodness!!  
the blue sky!! 
the cloudless sky!!
and....it was dry!
the sun was shining..
and all was right with the world again!!

it was a perfect day for
drying out our shoes....
....airing out our futons....

....getting all laundry done.
stopping and enjoying the sky some more.
i even took a couple of projects outside.
it was so very nice.

it was also a great day for a party.
a surprise party.
you see...it was koji's birthday on the 4th of july and he really wanted a party with his friends.
but...for the past 3 years, we've had parties, only to be stuck inside because of rain, i wasn't really looking forward to doing all that again.
not a lot of fun.
a few weeks ago, he and i actually had a discussion about this (we really did!!) and we okay, i! came up with the idea that during the summer holiday, we would do something..maybe at the beach.

imagine my surprise when at 11:00, sunday morning, the doorbell rang....
and there stood 7 kids (2 boys and 5 girls) ready for a party.
they had snacks.
they had cards and presents.
yes....koji had invited them.... for a party.
"but the weather was going to be so nice...it's okaaaaaay, mom!"

being the quick thinker i am, i made a big pitcher of kool-aid and dug out some of our favorite candy from the states (that i've been hiding and saving for a "special occasion"...yep..."special occasion", this was it!)...and served all that to the kids out in the garden.
after a little bit, they decided to move the party to a park (thank you, baby Jesus) and the k-man and i drove quickly to the supermarket and bought onigiris and other japanese snacky type things for the kids.  we delivered them to the kids in the park...
all in all, it turned out pretty good.
koji got his party.
he got some great presents.
he and his friends could spend a great time in the park playing and eating and having fun...there may or may not have been water guns involved.
i know nothing.

it's now tuesday night and we've had 3 days of absolutely gorgeous weather.
but, the weather forecast tonight said that for the next few days we can expect  clouds....rain...light rain, heavy rain.
our rainy season "half-time" is almost over.
it was absolutely wonderful while it lasted.

oh...one more thing...
happy 10th birthday, little man.
you have, most definitely, made our lives more interesting and fun.
we love you!