Thursday, October 20, 2011

over the past few days~~~

the weather has turned absolutely beautiful.  i used to say that the spring was what i enjoyed the most, but, i'm thinking that i was wrong.  fall is quickly moving into the top position.
the cool, dry air.
the flowers.
(which have caused some incredible sneezing fits, but...
c'est la vie)
weekend fashion for us:
light sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt
it works.

a haiku, by me, for the morning:

The fresh morning air
Crisply, it greets my senses
Fall....cleans the morning.

in a bucket by our front door, as you are leaving or coming home, you are greeted by these 
teeny bits of loveliness!!!
they are seriously....
we all kind of smile when we see them....
even the lady who delivers the mail made a comment about them.
that's really nice.
ever have a hankering for something
something ice cream-y....
ice cream sandwich?
ice cream bar?
how about both?
total yummyliciousness!!
we may have to buy stock in Lotte to help pay for our new addiction.


there is so much english written on signs around us here in japan..
it's many times humorous.
often confusing.
more often than's just plain wrong.
imagine my surprise the other day, when i saw a sign for a new hair salon
in a shopping arcade i like to go to....
it's correct....
it is correct.
so. very. correct.

this morning,
i took out a load of laundry to hang and was greeted by this...
i'm thinking that koji had some free time
and was feeling creative yesterday.
either made me smile.

may you find something in your day that makes
you smile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

hello? hellooooOOOoo?? is anyone still there???

just in case you were wondering......

in case you were curious...

it's also for when it's not
funny enough or sad enough or crazy enough or urgent enough to blog about.

that's the way it has been around here lately....
a lot of little stuff that i can't really get too excited to actually sit down here at my computer and spend the time putting it together.

it's also not that i don't think you'd be interested or anything like's just that I'M having a hard time 
being interested in it.
that's going to change.
my goal is to find a day
 that is
funny or sad or crazy or urgent.
that's what i'm going to do.

so, come back.