Tuesday, March 05, 2013

a favor....of the energy kind

in japanese we say onegai , or favor....as in 
"i have a small onegai...."

this time tomorrow
and the next

please take a few seconds to send some positive energy this way.
issei...and our friends kayla and saori are all taking the
public high school exams (on the 6th and 7th).
though at different schools...
they, along with a gazillion (or maybe it just seems like that many) other 9th graders here in nagasaki city,
will be sitting through 5 exams (and possibly an interview)
that are can be quite stressful for them....
and their moms.

in hawaiian....
makia mana

makia-> concentration
mana-> confidence

energy flows where attention goes
everything is energy

if you have some extra, please send a bit our way.
muchos gracias.

and just a note.....
issei and i had a long talk the other night about the test and the results....
it was good, i think, for him to talk about his own nervousness.  though he has taken two other tests and he does feel confident about most of the subjects he will be tested on, there was still that 
"but, what if i'm not accepted?" question lingering in the back of his mind.

knowing it was time for me to "mom up", i did my best to reassure him that if he passes? we will celebrate a bit and life will go on.
if he doesn't pass and he has to go to one of the private schools?
"i'll give you a hug....and life will go on."

things happen for a reason....we may not understand those reasons (and we may question them!!), but...
what you are doing right now, is what you are supposed to be doing

and this? i truly believe.