Friday, June 22, 2012

sporadic....hmmmm....i can live with that

so, really...did anyone notice the change in header but...yeah...
no new post for quite awhile?  (hi karen!) if you did...thank you for saying nothing. (ahem.) (^-^)
if you didn't? well....hmmmm...hey, there!!  how are you?  glad you're here.

so...according to that dictionary of the urban kind:
1. Inconsistent; difficult to predict.

2. To be sporadic: Is to be random to a cooler extent

3. ocassional,not frequently happened

yeah....that be me in the blogging world.
(personally....i'm liking #2....randomly cooler, ya know!)

shall we carry on?

so....the rainy season has begun.
i don't know if you know this but from about a week ago and for a month or so (give or take a few days) the weather here is....sporadic.
sometimes, not so very much fun, at all.

a haiku:

rain....'tis the season

cool, wet, humid, breezy, hot

all of the above.

early, last friday, it began to rain.....and rain....and rain...until sunday morning, when we woke up to a pretty nice day.
and then....monday, more rain...tuesday was stormy in the morning (thank you, typhoon #4, which was passing by), but the afternoon was quite nice.
there was another typhoon (#5) headed our way, that was supposed to hit us early friday morning, but it was downgraded to a tropical storm and we're supposed to just get some rain in the morning.
welcome to the rainy season, my friends.

**update to this as i wrote this on wednesday night....friday's weather:  
absolutely freakin' awesome!!! with just a tint of humidity...a great day for a day off and for the laundry to dry!!!

during rainy season, everywhere i look, i see women wearing really cute and stylish rain boots.

and i'm sure that, if i remembered, when i go to the states i could probably find a pair, just as stylish and colorful that would actually be my size.
but...i don't.  remember, that is.
so, when it starts to get rainy, i make the annual trip around the shoe stores and pretty much, this is all i can find in my size:

yeah. no. huh-uh. sorry. no thank you.
oh, i'm sure they would work but just looking at those make my feet start to sweat...and i don't like that.
plus,, oh no....for a teacher,
they got "glamour don't" written all over them!!

so, this is why i would like to introduce you to

"the plastic shoes i didn't mind spending $40 for"

yes, my friends...these are crocs.

don't get me wrong, i like my regular crocs
(the pink ones with some very cool hawaiian accessories on them), but...when i'm in my 'teacher clothes' (which means 'no shorts'...usually), i felt i needed something a little nicer.

now, i know that these are not exactly what one would expect in a "rain shoe", they don't cover the whole foot....
yes, there are little air holes in them.....but...
1. they are super comfy
2. they dry very quickly
3. i always have a towel in the car...i can dry my feet if i have to.

by the way...these are the CrosMesh Hover Skimmers....and i'm thinking of getting another pair in pink!!!

so, last saturday, when issei and i were walking in the downpour and the water was almost to our ankles for part of the way?
no prpblem.
none. at. all.
i love it when the stress level of my day is less.

you know...i just thought of something....what if....IF...i had a friend...OR TWO...who were way creative with sharpie pens.....could i throw them a challenge to help make those green boots "debbie-worthy"???
heh heh heh......