Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where is my damn soapbox when I need it?!?!

Since I was born, I have had blond hair. Granted, those many moons ago, it was mere wisps on my little round head, but....they were blond wisps, dammit!
As the years have sped by....that wonderfully platinum, almost "white" kind of blond I had in high school, gradually darkened...now, I'm "sandy blond" with bits of "strawberry blond" thrown in. My grandfather used to say I was a "dishwater blond", but, I'm sorry...Loved the man more than life itself, almost, but....that..just..won't.. do.
(He said one time that "dishwater" was one of his favorite colors!!!)

(*When I was 16, I did some time paraded around with "pool blond" hair....thanks to the chemicals in the pool during the summer, I had an alien-like interesting green tint to my locks when school started again in the fall. )

Now......being a "smart" blond, I can laugh at the "dumb blond" jokes. Some of them are actually quite funny (yes, I get them!!!) and I will pass them on to other friends.

And then, last week....I received a picture that seriously got me a bit ticked off and made me want to climb up on the shoulders of someone tall and handsome like Peyton Manning a soapbox and let my few readers the world know that I was mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!

This was sent as a "Look at the dumb, blond woman trying to take a picture." And yes, it is quite humorous...just look at how she has the camera turned around backwards...hahahahaha....Could she BE more stupid?

And then.....I noticed something.....THAT WOMAN IS NOT A BLOND.

Am I the ONLY one here that can see those dark roots, almost about to reach out and grab the woman beside her in the really shiny peach outfit!!!

One of the very important rules of "the world of blond" is to never, I repeat NEVER let your roots show (if you do happen to go to the bottle, that is....and yes, some of us do, only because in MY case, it just makes my head, ergo, ME feel lighter....happier!!).

My point: ("finally!", you say!!) There are dark-haired women out there with really bad dye-jobs, doing stupid stuff, and trying to pass themselves off as "true blonds" .

This is a travesty. Stop the madness!!

Dark haired women...go find your own thing to be "cute" and funny about...quit taking our "thing". Leave the "blondness"......to us....the blonds. Or...if you must go out masquerading as a blond...you have a reputation to uphold...spend the $20...get those roots touched up before you go out!!! Don't make me do it for you!!!

Now....whenever I get a list of "dumb blond" jokes, I'm going to read them all with a huge grain of salt....on the really dumb ones, I will say to myself, "Oh right! Probably a brunette did that!!"


Mrs. G. said...

Amen, blondie. Roots hurt my eyes. That is why as my blonde fades, I pay the big bucks for the highlights. You know how serious I am about hair.

Mary Alice said...

That had to be so funny when the flash went off. I would have paid money to watch that!

Cheri said...

Word. BTW, my appointment for highlights is next Friday. :-)