Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hello....how are you? Doing good? Good. Me? Oh...well...now that you mentioned it.....I'm a bit cranky!! I just put together a post...not remembering that it was started last week, so when I hit the "Publish Post" button....it went BACK in time in my blog!!
So...if you want to read tonight's post...go to January 8....check on the side bar for the title that has "Secret Boyfriend" in it.
And now....I'm going to bed. I'm done. That's it.
If anyone knows how to move a post, let me know, please.
Well hell.....lessons learned, huh!!
Ya'll have a good one!! :-)


Mrs. G. said...

Secret Boyfriend. I am on my way. I wish I could help you. Have you gone to post options and changed the date? It's at the bottom.