Thursday, January 17, 2008

A little sarcasm keeps things interesting....

Most everyone knows (and if you don't, then you soon will...) that when learning another language, humor in that language is sometimes almost impossible to get, or at least, it takes a lot of time. Here in the Kuroiwa house, while watching TV, on more than one occasion all three of the men of this house have been laughing their butts off while I just sit there and let it all No clue. I am nowhere near being fluent in this language, but, I can hold my own with the best of them in daily conversations. But humor? No time soon, my friend, no time soon.

Sarcasm....taking humor one more giant step beyond....and especially in the English language, is very difficult to understand (or so say many of my students). Hell, I've been in the States with friends and have had people tell us that they "just don't get" us. My friend, Dena (my "sister from another mister") was even once told by an ex that she was "just too sarcastic"! Really? Ya think?!?! Too sarcastic??:-D

Anyway....where was I? today is downright chilly and I dug out one of my favorite sweaters. I've had it for years and it seems to be growing....actually getting bigger!! Now, I would LOVE to say that I was getting to the fact that we have no clothes drier, the sweater just keeps stretching out more and more and more. I got it from Land's is actually knitted with a denim-type yarn, so the more I wash it, the more faded it's an awesome sweater....except for the fact that I am swimming in it!!

So I see one of my students today and we are talking and she says to me.....
"Nice sweater. Could it be any bigger on you?"

I looked at her and I could swear that her eyes were twinkling!!!
As her teacher.....(wiping a tear from my eye), I am so proud of her!! She was sarcastic and it was intentional!!!

As her friend....heh heh heh...I have so few Japanese friends who understand sarcasm...this will be so much fun!!!
On that note.....and keeping with the sarcasm "flavor".....I was in YouTube (again!) and ...somehow...somewhere I came across this guy...and he is a hoot!!
**Sorry about this, but....once again....either YouTube OR Blogger is giving me crap again, and now I can't embed the damn click here, and go there yourself and watch....please! (I'm about to fire off another "I'm sorry, but what's going on? Does YouTube have a special club that I wasn't invited to join?" kind of letter!!!



SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Saw you at mrs. g.'s blog and just had to come over to say that I had a Dorothy Hamill, too! Remember the shampoo with her picture on it - "Short and Sassy"? I haven't thought of that in years.

dkuroiwa said...

Ahhh...Short and Sassy....but being a "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" kind of girl I passed that stuff up!!! I was just so mad 'cause my hair never really "fwwwhoooofed" like hers did...unless I was spinning around and around and around....and I did that a couple of times!!! and then I quit doing stuff like that and just accepted the reality "bitch" slap!!! I would never be Dorothy...just debbie :-D
Welcome to my blog anytime!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sarcasm is great, but if you use it with your kids eventually they will use it on you and you will want to kill them!