Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meeting the "hair challenge".....

For those of you who are just joining us...a blog that I read faithfully, Mrs. G., in one of her latest posts, did a "history of Mrs. G. in terms of hair and fashion" kind of post. Because I usually cannot help myself, I made a comment and in return, in a comment on one of my posts she threw down gently tossed a challenge to me to do the same. And me....finding it really hard to pass up such a challenge, decided to 'bite'. (Please someone, tell me there's a prize at the end of this!!! :-D )

Okay....let me just start this whole "retrospective" thing off by saying that...even though I am at a bit of a disadvantage due to the fact that most of my really bad interesting fashion pictures are ripped up and thrown away gently stored in boxes in my mom's garage in the States...I feel that I have kicked butt succeeded in meeting this particular challenge using only the photos I have here in Japan!

*This picture is of me and my youngest son at his "field day" at the daycare. The woman behind me is probably thinking: a) "I wish that gaijin (foreigner) would move...I can't see what's going on in front of her!." or b) "Wow! I wish I could wear my hair like that!! Kawaiiiiii!! (cuuuuuute!!)".

I must admit, this (looking at the above picture)..... is what I usually look like. If you must know, I was a big fan of the Gidget movies when I was younger and feel that many times, I am channeling Sandra Dee...or any of those women off of "Where The Boys Are" (one of my all-time favorite movies!!!Love those classics!!!) And as my Mom said, "Not many people could actually wear their hair that way, can." Now that may be just my Mom talking, maybe she was tossing back the Scotch and being really sarcastic, but, I don't Mom said I looked okay....and how many times can any of us say that our Mom's actually said (alcohol involved, or not!!) that about anything we have done with our hair or worn?!?!?

So....if you're might wanna buckle up, it could get kind of bumpy!!!


Anonymous said...

Deb, memories or nightmares..the child hair days. The pixie, I too had the pink taped bangs, the shag but my worst hair pic was in 3rd grade, all of it pulled back away from my face, I looked like a peeled onion. Oh the 5th grade was pretty bad too, teased and a red bow to center..AHHH what were our Mom's thinking. Loved this blog. Luv Ya all...Shellie

ms-teacher said...

my pictures of my hair through the years is up.