Monday, January 14, 2008

Joining the frenzy with my own "Secret Boyfriends", Part1

As many of you may, or may not know.....the "Secret Boyfriend List" craze has hit the blogging world. Bloggers all over are holding nothing back in revealing who they have secretly loved or lusted after over the years....or in the last few days!! I read 6 or 7 blogs faithfully everyday and most of them have done their list (figuratively, of course...teehee) or they have started on one. The pressure has gotten to be too much. It's time.

When I first thought of doing this, I thought, "Well, this'll be easy." I sat down here and began formulating who I would choose and what I would say...well....not so easy, my friend, not. so. easy.
Who do I start with? Do I put them in any particular order? What if I forget someone?
I have a feeling that this list will be a very long "work in progress" because, just the other day as I was sitting at a stoplight, I thought of someone else!! :-D (This really is fun!!) we go....Debbie's "Secret Boyfriend List":

The first person I thought of was......Tom Selleck. (You may want to click on the pictures and they will get much bigger on a screen of their own and then you can look at them at your leisure!!!)

In college, Magnum P.I. was probably one of my most favorite shows on TV. And not for the action or the cool cars...or even because it was in Hawaii ("my next home") was because of Tom. *sigh*

I mean really.....just look at him!!! The hair....the chest...those eyes.....the casual way he makes that goofy Hawaiian shirt look like it was just made for him....the mustache (even on "Friends" Joey and Chandler were lusting after that mustache...something not every man can grow!!) ....the smile....aaahhh...the smile.

And...I have to admit...whenever I was single and maybe looking at someone wondering if "could this be him?" , I always looked at the man's hands and feet.....not quite a fetish thing going, but....he had to have nice hands and feet...and since Tom was barefoot many times on the show, I knew right then that he was meant for me!!! Somewhere in my mom's garage (where I am still storing many, many valuable things!) I'm pretty sure that I still have the poster he made for the U.S. Volleyball team many moons ago....just shorts...holding a volleyball...that's pretty much all I remembered...It was on my wall at college the whole time I was there!!!

*And just for the record...between you and me....feet and hands....still do it for me...though I'm just looking! (Hey...I'm married, not dead!!) :-)

Can you believe that this man was on the dating game AND LOST........ TWO TIMES!?!?!?

If you want to watch a funny movie that Tom was in that also can be (and has been) used as a basis for comparing cultures... rent "Mr. Baseball". That is one of my favorite movies...not only because of the content (he is an American baseball player here in Japan), but because he plays the part so well....and it's so funny...and in some parts of the movie, so true it's scary!!!

The man is just too damn cute and charming for his own good!!!

Now it's time to close for tonight. Good night, everyone.....Good night, Tom!!


Paida said...
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Paida said...

He is so cute and charming that even though he is a Republican I still think he is hot!

{I deleted my previous comment because it came out wrong..}

LadyCheetah said...

I want him too!! Actually, freakishly looks like my husband in those younger shots... Hope John ages as gracefully as Tom has! :)