Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Really...this is all I got tonight for ya....

So...here it is...Monday night....and I really should get to bed as tomorrow is Issei's first day back at school, which means the alarm goes off at 6:15...snap (I'm trying to cut down on the bad language my boys are picking up!!!)....but...I kind of made a deal with myself with this blogging thing that I would try to post something every few days or so. I get (and I know this might come as a shock to some of you...hahahaha) a little lazy sometimes and I have to keep on myself about getting things done.

That said....here are some "quickie posts" of some things I thought were fun:

It's only the first part of the new year and already I'm looking forward to warmer weather....not hot and sticky...just warm. My good friend, Lila, got me these "drink cards" for my birthday (along with the flamingo lights and Hawaiian CD...love that girl!!) and I've been perusing the recipes and have found quite a few I think that I want....no...NEED to try!!! Cheers!!!

Saw the previews for this on Yahoo the other day and the boys and I HAVE to see this!!! "Horton Hears a Who" is probably one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books and this just looks hee-lair-ee-us!!!

Saturday was my friend Jan's daughter's birthday and since Kayla is one of my most very favorite young ladies, I volunteered to make her a cake. So on Friday night I did some planning and had an idea as to what I wanted to do.
Then......on Saturday.....for some
unknown reason, the men in my family just let me sleep and around 11:00 I rousted myself out of bed.

Hell's Bells....the day was half gone and I had to make a cake. No problem....I work better underpressure.....get the coffee going (LOTS of coffee), boys fed and outside....ingredients for cake...Hell's Bells once again....recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of flour, I have only one cup....think...think...what the hell...just adjust all the other ingredients....well....I got no time for that crap...just put in what

"feels" right (HEY...it works for my grandma!!!).
The decorating took about 20 minutes, as we were running behind...so using the stuff I have in my cabinet...this is what I came up with.

Not bad, I'm thinking...plus...it was really good...of course, cream cheese frosting can make anything taste fabulous!!! (That's Kayla, by the way, on your left!!)

Thanks Kayla and Jan for letting us celebrate Miss Kayla's birthday....we have been there for almost all of them....she and Issei are just a little over a month apart and have pretty much grown up together. I hope we can be with her for many many more!!!

And last....just a picture that made me laugh out loud...I wonder about my children sometimes....at least they have a sense of humor....and if you have that, you'll be okay!!

Have a great week everyone!!
(anyone care to join me for some "summer time drinks")


Anonymous said...

Deb, the cake was very cute and I bet she loved it. And the pic of Koji...is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Lila is such a great present-giver. Too bad all of your friends aren't so thoughtful! Ya know I love you, right?!

Mrs. G. said...

You too. That is a beautiful cake!! I'd love to see what you make when you aren't under pressure.

I like margaritas.

dkuroiwa said...

Yes, Kim...I know ya love me...ditto babe...but you may have to work a bit!! (joke!!)

Mrs. G...and anyone else..."Margaritas for my friends...frozen, not on ice, please!!!(little umbrellas kinda make me happy too!!!)