Monday, December 01, 2008

So....garish is good....right?

After weeks of procrastinating and debating with myself (always a lovely time,that), I finally broke down and bought a new cell phone. I had had my trusty keitai for about 3 years and had accumulated enough points to get a pretty good discount on a new model. When it comes to things like cell phones and computers...anything that requires more than a few minutes of going through an owner's manual....I will put off the actual buying as it is not something I look forward to purchasing or having to do actual studying to figure out how the damn thing works!! (We've had this discussion on my prone to laziness when it comes to things like this....haven't we?)

Anyway....while my cell phone was on the downhill slide to completely going kaput....I was also doing some thinking about buying a digital camera that would make this whole blogging process a lot smoother. You may not have been aware of this, but....the K-Man pretty much has the "keys" to the camera. Oh...he let's me take it out and drive it whenever I want to, but....when it comes to actually going somewhere....well....the hardware is all on his computer (Strike 1) and in Japanese (hello...strike 2) Strike 3, the first two pretty much did me in. the procrastination/debate thought processes, I finally came to the conclusion that if I could find a cell phone with a really good camera, well....what a great deal that would be, right? the cell phone shop I went.

45 minutes later, I came out with this lovely little gem. Isn't she pretty??

I have been playing with all the things that I have figured out it can do....other than the actual phone, e-mail and awesome camera, I think that I can watch TV and maybe there is a way to get YouTube.....not sure, but....that's what it looks like!! As with most things here, the English explanation and information are much to be desired.

The owner's manual was absolutely laughable....while the Japanese version was about 600 pages long, there were 2....yes 2...1...2...pages in the back (right before 2 pages of whatever in Chinese!) and let's just say that...all the info on those 2 pages...yeah...Issei and Koji could have figured out!! Other than that.......useless!!

Being the smart woman that I am, I sat down here at the computer and did a search for this particular model and found the phone, but not really any kind of information to help me figure out how to get YouTube or anything important like that, but...I did come across something very interesting....

It seems that this particular model of Casio camera (with its 8.1 mega pixels) is a bit more high-tech than other models. It's kind of like the "Cadillac of cell phone cameras"....which, when I mentioned that to the cell phone dude in the store, he chuckled.

Anyway....on one site I found this:

Available in some ‘interesting’ colors, including a rusty brown that tries to pass itself off as champagne, garish pink and a lovely off-lime green.

Excuse me?? Garish pink?? GARISH??

Being a tad bit miffed and wondering if maybe, just maybe I had remembered the meaning of garish as something else, I did a quick check at the Merriam Webster site and here is what I found:

garish Function: adjective
1: clothed in vivid colors2 a: excessively or disturbingly vivid b: offensively or distressingly bright : glaring3: tastelessly showy : flashy
synonyms see gaudy


Hello. My name is Debbie. I have garish tendencies.

1. flamingos and hibiscus in car 2. hibiscus plastic cup and nails my yours truly 3. real hibiscus in our garden 4. baby Croc key holders 5. hibiscus lei on wine bottle in kitchen 6. cutting board 7. curling iron 8. hand-knitted scarf by Mom 9. polish and knick-knacks next to computer 10. Hanes Her Way and Fruit of the Loom unders for women 11. bag with teaching stuff 12. O.P.I. polish (Don't Know Beets Me and Senorita them both!!) 13. dish drying rack in kitchen 14. my favorite button 15 and 16. repeats

Well....I guess that I'd rather be a bit garish and memorable

than boring and forgetable anyday!

And...I have a fantastic phone that matches my tea underwear (just in case it should ever come up!) scarf...and I'm sure that if I looked around a bit harder, many more things! {{smile}}

I wish for everyone a bit of fun...some garish fun!

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smalltownmom said...

It's not garish, it's great. It matches your cosmos. And flamingos and everything else. I like it.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I heart the color pink myself. Love the new phone.

Janet said...

dude, 8.1 mega pixels in a PHONE??! that's frickin' AWESOME!!!

I saw a lady at the supermarket today...she was dressed all in shades of pink. Adorable older lady.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

It is flamingo pink. Perfect.

Mrs. G. said...

Hello, my name is Mrs. G. and I have sluttish tendencies.

Love pink!

Taylor said...


I <3 pink.


Nothing wrong with garish tendencies. :]

Byeeee Debbie!

phd in yogurtry said...

Garish is simply vivid. no need to look at Webster's 2-4.

Luv the phone. I'm rapidly approaching the time to pick a new cell phone. Like you, I put off any kind of tech-choices. Cannot abide by owner's manuals.

The Girl Next Door said...

OK so yeah I kin dof got stuck on the 8+ megapixel phone thingy. I thought it was a typo. And since when can pink EVER be Garish? Puh-lease. Some man clearly wrote that description..unless..wait..
"garish" has a new definition. Like "ridiculous" now means "cool" and "tight" means "awesome" soooo "garish" clearly means "ADORABLE" Yep. that's it.

Peggy Sez.. said...

Didn't you know that garish is the new classy?
I'm with Cheri lets rename it Flamingo Pink..I like it! ;p

Ginaagain said...

I think that's an amazing phone! 8.1 megapixels is what my camera camera has so to find it in a phone camera is fantastic. I also know a certain thirteen year old who quietly posted to her blog that the only thing she want for Christmas is a camera... hmm.. I may have to take a trip to the phone store too.

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Sounds like a really neat phone/ camera! That's awesome! I love the color too! Who cares if it's garish. Personally, my color is red. Fire engine red. I have it everywhere.

Helena said...

There's nothing wrong with having garish tendencies. Don't let anyone tell you anything else!

Sojourner said...

I like your new phone! With an 8 MP camera!? Most of the "good" phones have 2 or 2.1 MP cameras and that's supposed to be great. Eight?! I am impressed.

Also, I have a couple new posts that are sans comments from you. Have you forgotten me?