Friday, December 05, 2008

Really? It's Friday....already?!?!

Shall we start with the fact that this has been one of those weeks that was like "'whoa!! where did it go??" Then....let's throw in the whole "what was Debbie thinking when she decided to have a party?" idea combined with a little (barely noticeable) flaw of my character called "procrastination tendency". (No really...I work better under pressure/a deadline!) to make it interesting, let's add a couple little boys (ages 6 and 10) that are each going through stages that, honestly, I do. not. need. right. now.

Breathe, Debbie...just remember to breathe.

Okay....small rant over....time to get on with what's really important....and in keeping with a bit of a theme that was started at the beginning of the week....

Garish Flamingo Friday

(In a Christmas Pin sort of way!!)

(Really....I'd love to know where this came from....I love it!!! Yep...there is only one way to go from here, folks!! It reeks of gaudy, but I really couldn't care less!!!)


"How are the plans for the

"Celebrating the Holiday Season with Debbie and Friends"

extravaganza going?", you ask.

They are going quite well...thank you for wondering.

I gave invites to all my students...about 132 people...and it looks at is about 75 or so are going to be coming. I still have a class tomorrow to get answers from and a couple people, due to circumstances beyond their control (grandbaby about to be born, hub in hospital, things like that!), haven't made a decision yet so I've (being the incredibly nice person that I am...'cause I'm all about being nice, ya know!) given them until Wednesday to tell me "yea" or "nay".

I made an order to Oriental Trading Company for some "party favor" type stuff....and am just waiting for that. The signs for the tables have been sketched out and I'll try to get them on the computer tomorrow night. We will be playing Bingo (an easy and relatively pain free game!) and the prizes are almost all gathered....I still need to find one of those contraptions that you spin and a ball comes out and that is the number for the game....on my list for tomorrow!

I have some really talented students and many of them have donated things that they have, pictures, scarves (one is actually from my Mom!!), for, some people have donated gift certificates for beer (always a good thing to have!) and a couple restaurants that I went to and pleaded go to quite often and always talk about when we are working on restaurant English, have also donated "one free dinner" type certificates.

A couple of weeks ago, two of my "helpers" went with me to the hotel where we will be having this gala event for a meeting with the people in charge. I felt that I needed to take a couple of Japanese speakers just to make sure there would be no mistakes!! One of them was a great "take charge" kind of woman and she made sure that the man we were dealing with knew that we knew exactly what we wanted and how much we were going to pay. I'm taking her with me wherever I go from now on!!!

The lobby of the hotel for this 'please dear God, let everything be okay" party!!! The Christmas decorations are so pretty....I'm getting so excited/nervous/nauseous!! {{smile}}


Did I mention that my dance group had a performance on Sunday? You knew, that, right? Well....the community center festival was on Sunday and on Saturday night...this is what I was doing........
Do you have any idea as to how much material is at the bottom of one of those dresses?!?!?! Well....I'll tell you....there are 686 cm.!! (Being the teacher I am, I turned it into a math project for Issei...multiplication, division and addition...we do it *almost* all here at Kamp Kuroiwa!!)

And here we are....aren't we a lovely group?? The lady in the middle, without the blue dress is our sensei (teacher)...the other one on the left is her assistant!! (And yes, I was leaning down a the first picture that was taken, my head was cut off...damn..too tall again!!)
There are actually more ladies in our group, but only 10 chose to perform at this festival. We were the next-to-the last group and we did a great job!!!
Yesterday, I was out in our garden and took some pictures of the beautiful colors that surround us right now. I do love fall...the colors are so incredibly vivid...and we know how much I love that, right? :-D

Only one picture was taken indoors...and that was one of the camellias...we have 3 trees and when they all bloom, it's going to be quite a sight!! The K-man, right before climbing into bed, informed me that it was going to snow tonight.
Yeah. Okay. Whatever. If you say so.
It has gotten much colder in the time I have typed this out, so maybe we might have some frost....snow or no snow, winter is here.
I'm glad I got those pictures before the frost does!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a teeny waist in that dress! Gorgeous flowers.

I know too well that "what the hell was I thinking, throwing a party?!" feeling. That's why this year I'm going to have just a small dinner party.

smalltownmom said...

Your party will be huge! Wow! Good luck with everything. Love the hula ladies and the flowers!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I totally get and love your post. I linked to you yesterday with a photo!!! :-)

i am very mary said...

Pop by the blog for a giveaway!

Karen MEG said...

Wow, beautiful blue dress Debbie. I am so jealous that you can sew!

Uh, and busy, busy, busy???!!!! Good luck with that party, I'll be having that beer with you once it's all over and a huge success!

apathetic bliss said...

so did it snow?