Friday, December 19, 2008

Flaminament? Ornamingo?

The pressure from the younger men in this family finally got to me and the tree is now decorated...the stockings are hung just waiting to be filled with goodies.
In the midst of all the lovelies that were chosen to be displayed this year....

...two make the cut every single year, without fail.

And then...we have this.

Yeah....not every one, my friends, can get away with wearing something like this.
(Here's where you say, "Why yes, DO look good in that!!")
The things I do in the name of "Flamingo Friday"!!!
(Just for the record...I wore pink sox, too!!
(Thanks Mom for the sweatshirt! I was just too cute today!!
And the scarf you made?? Matches the flamingo's scarf and hat....did you plan that?!?!)

It's late....I'm tired...we have to get up early for Koji's Christmas Pageant tomorrow morning....a class in the afternoon...and then flu shots for all my boys (and moi) after all's going to be a full day...topped off by ice cream after flu shots sounds pretty good to me...I'm thinking the boys will agree.


Mrs. G. said...

Every time I see flamingos I think of you.

Nancy said...

Flu Shot ~ Ice Cream

Sounds like a fair trade to me =)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

What Mrs. G. said.

Your sweatshirt is da bomb.

derfina said...

I LOVE the shirt!

Janet said...

I should send you all my Mom's flamingos...she loved 'em too!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

You definitely rock the look better than anyone else possibly could.

Happy weekend! :D

Moxy Jane said...

I stopped by a nursery the other day just to take a picture of their vans and trucks that had flamingos on the side. And I MUST take a picture of my neighbor's yard...she (I'm assuming it's a she!) has a slew of flamingos that she dresses up and puts in various poses. She uses a lot of tulle!

Happy Flamingo Friday!!

Austin, TX

hulagirlatheart said...

Love the shirt. I have my fingers crossed that I'm getting those flamingo pajamas from Target. I dropped enough hints that someone should have picked up on them. And how come I didn't get ice cream after my flu shot?