Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Procrastination--5.5....Debbie--4.5....damn. beat again.

If this were a true sporting event, a reporter might write that......

"It was a good fight until the last seconds of the game and Debbie scored some well-deserved points but they were just a little too late in the game to make a difference....she was just no match for her opponent. We see a rematch in the near future."

You're wondering about that ".5" though, aren't you?!? Well...from my list of "things to do" from Sunday, the laundry was the "almost".....as I had run out of hanging room outside AND inside (remember....no drier!!!) and yet still had more to do in the baskets....I sacrificed the half a point......will try to work again on the list.....hopefully sometime this week...maybe...possibly....who knows? :-D

My main objective for the day was to get the candles done. They really need to sit awhile to get the full effect of the scent.

So...my day started with a table full of all that I needed to finish this particular task.

I had this stuff....wicks, scent (a lovely "cinaberry"), and colored wax
...some of these warming in the toaster oven. I had to get the wax that was stuck on the molds from the last time I did candles and this is the best way to do that (or so I have found!).
...and this melting on the stove.

I made two different "kinds" of candles....the cinaberry ones and then, I was looking for another "Christmassy" scent but the one I have called "Christmas Tree" was voted down by all the men in the family....."smells weird", they said. Whatever.

So....after sniffing through my scent collection, I ended up with one that, while not so much a Christmas scent, it's still pretty....I chose Honeysuckle Vanilla. Both turned out really nice.

See the ones on the right....I actually used little cake tins for those!! I came across that idea a few years ago and they work really well.

These will used for the "door prizes" and only 10 people will get them. I went to the 100 yen store (beautiful, half-sister to the $1 store in the States!) and found some really cute, small saucers to put the candles on. I wrapped some raffia around each one....

...and put them in nice gift bags (with lovey-dovey English written on them, but...that's just more fun, I think!).
Yes, they would be more suited for something other than Christmas, but....that was pretty much all I could find......a little gold ribbon and some red packing stuff inside...who's to know but you and me...and some of my students who will actually read and understand it?! Believe me...all will get a giggle!
Here's what I am working on this morning...the goody bags. The bags have a snowman memo pad, a couple of wintery pencils, and some Christmas candy. It's not much, but....my students will enjoy the contents, I think.
**By the way....if any of my students are reading this....SSSHHHHH!!! Don't say anything to anyone!! It's a secret, okay? Okay! I am open to giving out "be quiet" presents!!!
Is my house clean? No.
Can you see the floor of my room? In certain places...yes.
Is the laundry done? No. It's rainy today and not a good day for drying.
Christmas decorations and tree? Hahahahahaha!!!
Not yet.
Am I still in my pajamas? You betcha.
Have I even brushed my teeth yet? No...but will do so soon.
No classes this morning so will work some more on that list from Sunday...maybe...I might just go and see what FOX has on its line-up this morning...THAT is sounding like the thing to do for just a bit.
Have a wonderful day!


smalltownmom said...

(No dryer?) I'm so impressed you make your own candles.(No dryer?) Never mind about the rest of the list, that was a huge task. (OK, I can't stand it, no dryer!!! That's awful!)

Janet said...

I LOVE the gift bags! The sentiment is SO true :-)

The Girl Next Door said...

I need to know how to make candles!! Yours rock. And no dryer UGH. I lived like that for 2 years in spain and vowed never again!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

I can't imagine not having a dryer... I (embarrassingly, have two...) Very spoiled I know. Your candles are gorgeous. I love them. Today was spent making cookies for the holidays. I hope that everyone likes them! Love your new look!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

When I have a party I feel like I've done a great job by feeding everyone and giving them drinks. Party favors too? You're amazing.

Ginaagain said...

Your candles are beautiful and I'm so impressed with everything you have accomplished so far! I'm looking forward to your party! (even though I can't come.. wouldn't it be funny if I showed up?)

Helena said...

I love the candles. You've inspired me to try and make some myself.

Susan said...

I love the candles, home made things are so cool. I made home made Baileys last weekend, bought some bottles and labels off the internet. It turned out good. Will save some for you when you come home!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I want to go to one of your parties ... *sigh* ... i'd even do the after party dishes!

Sojourner said...

Hey! I make candles too- it's fun isn't it? I will send some photos of the ones I made this year after the Holiday. You sound like I did the week before my boutique- putting together door prizes, etc. It went well, how was your party? I will look for a post about it, since I am sure there is one.