Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How many more days until the holiday is over?

I have so much to do....I'm not sure where to start...or how...or...oh look, Dr. House is on!
*Thanks Google for the white board and first three items on the list!!*

In Japan, the New Year is a big thing....so big, it is given three days to celebrate!!! When the K-man was a young pup, those three days (Jan. 1-3) were complete holidays...everyone celebrated...no stores were open...no gas stands (or "stations", if you're in the States)...there were no convenience stores back then to run to for something...it was a holiday for family (on the 1st) and friends (after the 1st).

Though today, many supermarkets and departments stores are open and you can find a convenience store without actually trying to find one, the preparations by people (mainly the women, it seems in most cases, but not all) for those days are still pretty much the same as they have been for years and years.

We (as in "we in Japan" NOT as in "me included"!!) have osouji that has been going on for days...weeks, in some households. Souji, pronounced /soe-ji/, is cleaning...but Osouji....is big, biG, BIG cleaning!! Today, walking around the 'hood, we saw so many people outside cleaning windows, gardens, driveways.....even saw a few people outside with their paper doors putting new paper on the frames (not an easy job...we just paid someone to do it!!!). Japanese feel that it is best to welcome in the new year with a clean home.....and yes, this is a good idea....a clean home is always a good thing. I just prefer to do my "big cleaning" in the spring...I'm silly that way.

But...because I am part of a Japanese family...I, too, will be doing some cleaning tomorrow...finding the floor in my room might be the #1 thing on my list. I did get the tree down and decorations put away today, so I feel like I have already done most of my part...but I think that the K-man may have a different plan....it's just that it's supposed to get really cold here tomorrow...possibly even snow...and really....doesn't sitting on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate, watching a movie sound like a much better idea?!?!

Yeah...tomorrow's going to be fun (and I don't mean the "whoohoo" kind of fun either)....getting the boys to help is going to be the challenge. Of course, after today and all that came with it, they won't have as many distractions, so maybe they can get some things accomplished. Distractions? Yes, distractions like Lego's and Nintendo DS.

Koji lost his Lego's today....and I don't mean lost as in "Hey Mom! Have you seen the box of Lego's?" I mean lost as in "You didn't put them away so I did and now they are gone for awhile."

And Issei's DS? Uh-huh....lost, as in "I told you to come back at 1:00 for lunch.... it is now 3:30 and you are just now coming in, so hand over the DS."

(Insert here the sound of a cracking whip.)

By the way....if you want to find out more about the Japanese New Year and what goes on....you can go here....or here to Wikipedia for a glimpse in this holiday!! I was going through both of these sites and just in case you are wondering...yes, we do most of all that!!

Now...I have to go and find a good cow picture for tomorrow's post. Why a cow? Well, 2009 is the "year of the cow" (or ox...I prefer the cow...much cuter pictures to choose from)...and I want my greetings to be complete!! Plus, I need to get as much done tonight/this morning because I have no idea as to what the K-man has planned for us to do tomorrow. He does seem to really get 'into' this whole cleaning thing. ~~sigh~~I better get to sleep soon...it's going to be a long one tomorrow!!

Good night. oyasumi nasai.


Helena said...

I'm totally with you on the hot choc and a good movie instead of that big, big, cleaning of the house.

I love your new angelic blog logo!!! It is absolutely brilliant!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It sounds like my kind of holiday.

I usually use New Year's Day for sorting through paperwork and files--mostly making sure the kids stuff I've saved through the year makes its way into their own files. It used to be macaroni art--now it is diplomas!

smalltownmom said...

I hate to say it, but cleaning does sound like a good way to start the New Year's.

We're taking our tree down tomorrow.

Susan said...

Wow, you are such a tough mom! So when do the kids get their stuff back, a day or week? By the way I love your angel picture.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I love this, except:

"I have so much to do....I'm not sure where to start...or how...or...oh look, Prison Break is on!"

Shellie said...

Your complaining about a man that wants to clean? Get a grip--and an errand that requires you to be gone (like going to find that Bailey'--cause I have a recipe for Bailey's Chocolate chip cheesecake that is fabulous).
Love those shoji--hated the repairs, but I still have some "shoji repair flowers" that I use on cards.

JO said...

Woooooow. And I thought it bad that I was solely planning on finding the living room floor today. Now you and the fam totally make me feel like a lazy sluggard!

Oh - and the whole "lost" thing? Yeah. That happens in Oz too. Only the "garbage man's baby" is typically the recipient of lost items. (Ie: Put it away or the garbage man's baby is going to have new legos to play with). Funny thing - when we were moving from Louisville KY back North a year and a half ago, I found a bag of toys that were 'destined' to go to the garbage man's baby - from the now 16 year old Cadet - taken when he was - oh - maybe seven? And totally. totally. forgotten.

Yes he was pleased to see that the baby didn't get his beloved hockey figures. LOL!

Mrs. G. said...

Happy New Year! Like you, I have so much to do before I go back to school.

Peggy Sez.. said...

We have the "lost" toy thingie going on at my house too! It's good to see a great idea can be implemented the world over!

Have a great New Year and don't worry about the cleaning I won't tell...;p