Friday, October 10, 2008

The one where Debbie stood corrected

But...before I get to that, my is....FLAMINGO FRIDAY.
Earlier this evening, as I was escaping the prospect of doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, I was back here in my little corner of the world, doing what I do best...yes...surfin' the net. I like to just type in phrases into Google and see what comes up...actually, tonight, I was also looking at finding a place that would ship plastic flamingos (just a few!) to Japan. Instead of finding a place for the plastic ones, I found a whole bunch of other really fun stuff that I need.

One of the places, Exterior Accents, had a yard flamingo that all the other yard flamingos want to be when they grow up and get rich and famous. I give to you.....the Flamingo Gazing Ball...

This beauty is 24 inches tall and really....she would look so pretty in my garden. So...hello...Mom? This year, if we do the Family Christmas Drawing, put this down as something on my "wish list". Okay? Okay. Thanks.

Oh...and thanks to Google Images...I might have found my Halloween costume. I love it!! I have some pink capri pants (oh yes, I do!) I could wear with it and yes....perfect, I do believe! **************************

Now...about that "standing corrected" stuff.....

In the Japanese language, the word natsukashii is used quite often. In one of the dictionaries that I use, the definition is "dear, longed-for, one's sweet recollection (of), nostalgic". In the electronic dictionaries that most of my students have, the word 'nostalgic' comes up most often as the first definition (my dictionary is reallllllllly old....I still use one that is a book!!).

I have often told my students that the word 'nostalgic' really isn't used that often...except by much older my grandmother talking about when she was young...or my mom and her friend, Karen, talking about growing up (and in no way does that mean I'm calling either one of you "much older",..we all know you are both still really young!!)

I don't really consider myself old enough to be nostalgic about much of anything.
Instead, I will say something like, "Oh...I remember that."...or..."That reminds me of when I was in high school."

**Here comes that "standing corrected" part.....

~~sigh~~I have now experienced the true feeling of nostalgia.

In my cruising around in YouTube, I came across a video from the Emmy Show this year. Now I know that most of you probably watched it,'s just now being shown over here and I've yet to see it, what I have seen has been on the Internet.

Anyway....did you see the Josh Groban part where he sang the "most classic songs from television"??? If you didn' be prepared to sing most of them and to feel nostalgic with me....

Which one was your favorite? Personally...The Love Boat, M*A*S*H, and The Andy Griffith Show...those songs bring back oh so very many memories. Oh...wait...The Brady Bunch...of course The Brady Bunch!!

*Sidebar about Josh Groban.....Does anyone else remember when he first came on the scene and was on an episode of Ally Macbeal??? He played the slightly geeky high school kid who wanted to sue a girl for dumping him right before the prom (OH if that could have only really been done!!!!) and then he ends up taking Ally to prom and he sings a song and everyone is really impressed with him?? That is on one of the videos that my mom sent and I have kept it because it was such an incredible performance.

So, tonight....I wish you for you nostalgic thoughts that make you smile all day long!

It's a story....of a lovely lady...who was bringing up three very lovely girls...all of them had hair of their mother...the youngest one in curls...."

Go on...finish the know you know you can!!!! {{smile}}


phd in yogurtry said...

That makes me want to curl up all weekend with a giant bowl of popcorn -- an all-out-rerun weekend! I guess Gilligan's Island has to be my favorite. I used to watch that a lot. The Carol Burnet show reminds me of babysitting Saturday nights as a high schooler.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That was a fun bit that Josh Groban did.

smalltownmom said...

Josh Groban's making me smile right now.

Mrs. G. said...

I know all the words to that song-I wanted to be a part of that family so badly.

Karen MEG said...

"It's a story, 'bout a man named Brady...oh yeah, I get nostalgic too!

I'll have to watch that video of Josh on the Emmys. I heard he was phenomenal!

Peggy Sez.. said...

Saw this,thought of you ..Go there now. ;p

Helena said...

What a great video! My personal favourites... Happy Days, The Muppet Show and Friends.

Can't remember that Ally McBeal episode but it sounds like a good one.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I Lurve your Halloween costume with a capital L.

And I can finish so many of those songs. Laura has all the Brady Bunch episodes on DVD. And Gilligan's Island. Do your boys want copies? I did not just offer your pirated DVDs over the Internet. Seriously, those are some excellent shows, dated, but STILL excellent. Laura laughs like a hyena watching Gilligan. And she likes Jan Brady best. Yeah baby.

Moxy Jane said...

My family did not have a television, so I had to grab what I could at friends' homes or at grandparents or my dad's house. The Muppet Show, Fantasy Island, and Gilligan's Island were a few of my favorites...I never ever really got into the Brady was just soooo different that my life...unlike the Islands of Fantasy or Gilligan which were SO realistic;-)

A pink flamingo would be a perfect costume...could you also swing a pink boa????

Moxy Jane

Grandy said...

I thought I was the ONLY ONE that remembered the Groban moment on Ally McBeal. I danced to a Groban song with my father at my wedding. Wonderful talent.

Glad you found your bird. ;)

Ciara said...

Yeah I saw that episode of Ally McBeal that Josh first appeared he was great.