Thursday, October 16, 2008

A half-assed Wednesday 5K Project update on Thursday....

.....'cause it's still Wednesday somewhere!!

{close your eyes and use your imagination for this next part, please... but read it first , then imagine it because otherwise, it might be a bit difficult!!}

Catherine, a librarian from Dallas: I'll take "Excuses" for $20, please Alex.

Alex Trebek: Okay...the answer is...."No motivation, spring fever in the autumn and 'eh...maybe tomorrow'".

~~~~~brrrrrrrrr~~~~(buzzer sound, work with me, okay!)

Alex Trebek: Yes, Jim (a lumberjack from Oregon).

Jim: What's "What are Debbie's lame-O reasons for slacking off this week?", Alex?

Alex Trebek: That is correct.

Yeah....that's pretty much how its been. Not sure really why....maybe it's the cool weather that's been happening around us (at least in the early mornings and evenings) that has me thinking that soon it will be winter and who really needs a thin body when all I'm going to do is cover it up in an attempt to stay warm. I don't know.....but I sure hope that this passes...and soon.

I weighed the other day and we are now at a 9kg loss (somebody high-five me, please!!).....3 more kilos and I think I will lighten up on the "lifestyle adjustment" for least until the spring time. I'm hoping that I can maintain the loss and just focus on toning up until then and then start again with Herbalife if I need to when it gets warmer. But my updates will continue...this will keep me in line with maintenance....keep me honest.

And's my "half-assed" picture update.....

(told you so!!!)

Some stuff that has made me smile lately.....

Issei found a love-ly potato chip Art in the park by Koji...this was Mommy
Yesterday morning, on the way to the daycare, Koji and I were sitting at a red light. A car pull up along side us. Koji, suddenly very quiet....then said, "Mommy...that car is gorgeous!!" (Really....he said "gorgeous"!!)

Thinking that maybe there was a Mercedes....or something of that caliber next to us, I looked. What I saw was a small, black boxy-looking K-Car...nothing special, except for the stuff in the windows....that I'm pretty sure Koji was looking at when he said "gorgeous".

I went to Google Images and found these pictures that had almost exactly what he saw.....No...not an actual Kitty-Chan car, (we saw one of those in another town on one of our family road trips) remember it was just black...but it did have all the stuff on the dash in the front...

and in the back window.

But....the owner had also put snowflake stickers all over the back window. He was still talking about those stickers this morning!!!

And "gorgeous" and his "gorgeous"....two. completely. different. things.

And this morning.....

I must have had some really puffy hair because as we were driving to daycare (all the fun stuff happens on this drive, it seems!!)...he said that my hair looked like "that funny big bird on the wire with the little birds". ~~sigh~~

And finally...since I have had a particular song in my head from the very beginning of this post...thought I'd pass it on to you...but...I'll just have to link it in for you as the "embedding has been disabled by request" on YouTube....but go here's a great song...and as I watch it (for the umpteenth time!!) I am reminded of another time and place......Down in South Texas, just south of McAllen...there used to be a place we would go to often called "Pepe's On the River" (and it was!!) and it was just like the bar in the video!!! It also reminds me of the Yahoo Saloon on South Padre Island (on the bay side of the island).... a place we all swore that Jimmy Buffett just had to show up at....but he never did, at least while we were there...and we were there a lot!!!

So....Happy Wednesday!! I wish you something that makes you smile!!


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

That Alan Jackson is mighty fine, missy.

Grandy said...

Nice ASS!! something that would make me smile, at this point, would be catching some zzzzz's. Frickin' pain meds have thrown off my sleeping patterns.

No worries on the excuses. You are forgiven.

Helena said...

Wow, 9kg's!! That is a lot! Congratulations!

Now that hair comment is a real compliment, haha. :-)

Sojourner said...

Hi there, my friend, I have just been cathcing up on some of my favorite blogs. I just read about 3 weeks of posts here, and would love to comment on each one individually, but really got to moe along. Suffice it to say that I LOVE your blog- you are funny and smart and your kids are beautiful! Hope you are well, and when I can I will comment more.

Janet said...

lolol LOVE that car!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think you have officially kicked 5k ass.

Nancy said...

^5 on the weight loss! WTG =)

Nice ass shot too.

Karen MEG said...

Whoo-hoo on that "gorgeous" ass!!! Good for you Debbie, I am so impressed!

Sorry I haven't been around lately... trying to get a handle on life/work... been catching up on your posts which have helped bring some cheer into my work doldrums.

phd in yogurtry said...

I happened to hear an Alan Jackson song today, I don't listen to C&W very much anymore, but it made me think about how much I do love his music.

Congrats on the weight loss!! Woohoo! Even though my pathetic lazy western mind doesn't really get how much 9kilos is. I do know its a whole lot more than I've lost lately (which is zero).