Friday, October 24, 2008

....and then Life up and gave me a huge noogie-wedgie combo about 5:30 tonight...

But....thank God, something wonderful happened to save Kamp Kuroiwa from total destruction!!

Tonight on my way home, I had serious thoughts of just dropping my ungrateful, bickering little monsters sons off at the house with my "What? You mean, I have to do something tonight???" husband and then just drive as fast as I could as far away as possible go somewhere alone. But, thinking that, no, I should probably just suck it up and gaman ("put up with it all")....I am the adult in this situation....I will not let this kind of stuff get me down! ("That which does not kill me only makes me stronger," she said over and over again to herself.)

I parked the car and while the younger male members of our family were on the steps about to drop their bags and have a knock-down....I sat in the car, head on the steering wheel and said a short prayer to help get me through the night. (Go ahead...sing the Carrie Underwood song...I have been!!)

Dragging myself out of the car, up the steps and over the fighting only thoughts were "If I can only make it until after dinner....I'll be okay." AND "Please, dear Lord, let there be a cold can of beer in the fridge."

Turning on the light in the kitchen and trying to get all my bags to the table without dropping anything, I didn't see what was sitting on the table....yeah, okay.....there are a lot of things on the table...I pretty much ignore the stuff I don't need at that particular moment in time.

Anywhoooo....Hellllloooo?? What is this? A package?

Eh? That's a nice sized package......From the States!!

Quickly....I opened it up........finding........this

(Don't you love that animal print paper...the sender rocks!!! She's so cool that way!!!)

Carefully opening that package, the whole time wondering what the heck could be inside.....I found these beauties....

And it's Flamingo fabulously fantastic is that for timing, huh?!?!

May I introduce you to.....Laverne

and Bob.
Aren't they great?!?!?!? Koji and I named them ourselves (His idea was Grinch for the 'manmingo'..I had to explain how that, even though we love the movie, it wasn't such a good name for something so incredibly cute!!! But, he did giggle when I said "Lavern". There's hope yet!!)

Yep, this is where I got the name Laverne...remember when Cher did that character on The Sonny and Cher show mmmmaaaannnnyyy moons ago? That bird was just begging for a name like that!!

I'm loving the drinks in their claws!! And Bob? He has a lei around his neck and Laverne's glasses are heart shaped!! Nancy, my good may stalk me any.time. And have a place to stay, your own personal tour guide who knows the best shopping places and has some really good bar connections!!! That's the least I can do for your help in bringing peace back to Gotham City Kamp Kuroiwa!!! **MWAH**

(Where or where am I going to hang this lovely couple?!?!?! I'll do that tomorrow!! :-D)


Nancy said...

Glad they arrived safely and put a smile on your face.

Janet said...

'manmingo'...ROFLMAO! I'm glad you had something to make you smile :-)

Moxy Jane said...

They're stinkin' fabulous!! And the wrapping paper also matched Cher's/Laverne's jacket!! I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for Bob and Laverne.

Mrs. G. said...

That Nancy--she's a peach! How cute.

Sojourner said...

Those are the most adorable flamingos I have seen, yet! What a sweet gift! What a nice friend! And wow! Two packages from the States in 1 week- how cool is that?!

Yep,fighting little boys can drive you mad! But just keep BREATHING!

The Girl Next Door said...

Those are the most fab flamingos I have ever seen and I'm a leeetle bit jealous. Looks like God did answer that prayer and glad you have such fab friends to help Him show you that you are loved over there! I hope your weekend rocks!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Aww, sweetness. I love when stuff like that works out :D