Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had such grandiose plans for this evening....I was going to (please put immense stress on those two words going to) get dinner done~~kitchen cleaned~~ baths taken~~ books read~~ boys kissed and in bed~~a basket of laundry folded~~and then the next hour or so the rest of the evening would be mine to read some of the things that people had written for Mrs. G's "What's an average day for you?" project.

After picking up the boys at their respective places this evening, I really should have paid more attention to THIS....as we were coming home....it might have saved us all a lot of heartache and Advil.

A new after dinner equation for you:

Take one 6-year-old whose afternoon naps at the daycare, in preparation for 1st grade have been taken away


One 10-year-old older brother who couldn't care less about what his little brother is all about right at this moment


A room full of Lego's, a small table (from where I couldn't tell you!), ALL the futons and blankets from both beds, and the small pillows (5 in total) from the living room, AND about 15 various stuffed critters thrown on the floor of the room

And what do you get?!?!?!?

Well....keeping in mind that at dinner time, yours truly could completely sympathize with her own mother when it came to two little boys at the dinner table, laughing and being total goofy while trying to eat and being reprimanded by me and the K-man just making it worse and dinner ending with both boys being sent away from the table for some "get out of here before someone chokes or gets a spanking"-time....yes, this was the proverbial "icing on the cake", "straw that broke the camels back", the moment where "Mommy has left the building". Yep....this was me.

*Except with blond hair and without the purple shoes...oh I might actually have the purple shoes, but I don't wear shoes in the house, my friends, not. in. the. house.*

So...let me just say, here and now that

The only things standing between my sons and being exiled to Siberia were...

A can of this.....

while sitting in this for about 20 minutes....(but with hot, steamy water, of course, silly goose!)

And then an episode of this man.

Mommy is all better now....man....talk about going ballistic!! I may have to apologize to my neighbors for the ruckus. I wonder if there is a special present for that I should take to them?!?!

I will get to the G-Factor's site and read what people have written.....but later.

Right now....I'm going to do some junbi ("preparation") for tomorrow's classes and then I'm "hitting the hay".....Say "Goodnight Dick"!

Sweet dreams. Oh...and before I go....check out the moon tonight...It really was beautiful ...but...be careful, okay? :-D I'm just warnin' ya!!


Jennifer said...

The moon was beautiful. The recipe for the cake is here


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You mean to tell me those adorable boys from the Monday post caused all that trouble?

Emily said...

My 2 year old was admiring the moon at dinner last night...in Colorado...and my 10 year old asked if they see the same moon in Australia. Now, when she gets home from school, I'll show her the moon in Japan.

Hope you're feeling rejuvinated.

Nancy said...

WoW, that photo of the moon is a wonderment!

Boyz will be Boyz =)

smalltownmom said...

I think I said the same thing last night! I had a scene with the 18 year old -- over a small thing, really, but to me it was indicative of far bigger worse things. Aaargh!

Yes, I will look for the moon tonight!

I love your cosmos pictures at the top of your blog.

Grandy said...

It's all good. You survived the day. You're alright. ;)

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Ooh, I know about 'mommy all better' remedies - you did good :D

Though I'd exchange House (no offense, just having to limit myself) for a Mad Man or Soprano, and wine for beer, it's all the same, no?


caro said...

was on mrs.g's blog and wondered over out of curiosity....
i lived in japan (in fujinomiya) with my husband and daughter (who was 20 mths old) for a year way back in 1988...i am digging your site as it brings back memories!
take care,
caro in canada

caro said...

eek...wandered not wondered!

Michael said...

I can totally relate to the "going to" aspect of your post...like tonight, for example. I was "going to" work on my thesis, yet here I am procrastinating in the blog universe.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

That same moon made me seethe while raking bazillions of acorns into piles the other day. The pity-party voice in my head was all, "Why isn't anyone helping me?" and "I have a blister!"

Then they read my mind and came out and finished while I went in and found a bandaid and made sandwiches. And it was all okay again.

PS I was thinking of your post about "gamon" the other evening, standing and waiting for half-an-hour for the opening act in the concert to get started. Waiting, standing, waiting, waiting: "What was that word? Debbie's word? Oh yeah! Gamon!" So, I totally gamoned it, dude.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Crap. Spelled it wrong: gaman. Yeah. That's what I did, all right!

just jamie said...

That moon. That tub. That dreamy man! (Sigh)