Friday, May 02, 2008

Sadly....this really does happen...

I had wanted to post something a bit more serious tonight...but...I was having a hard time...words were not coming too easily and then, when they did...they were a bit bungled. (is that a word? Wasn't it mentioned in a Jethro Tull song?)

Taking a break over in YouTube....I found this. If you were ever really curious about what I do here as a "Teacher of OldER Learners"....maybe this clip will give you an idea as to what I might possibly come across...and really...this has happened more times than I would really want to try and count!!!
Good thing that my sense of humor is still intact....or I'd go crazy!! :-D
(*if you can't see the here: instead!!)


Family Adventure said...

I can't see the clip...but I'm sure it's funny :)

Keep working on the other piece, though. Would love to hear your - more serious - thoughts!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am convinced a sense of humor is just about the most important thing there is in life for coping.

Just yesterday, my girlfriend, her 13 year old daughter, and I laughed to the point of tears over something related to their husband/dad's memorial service we are planning. Sometimes you need the tears, sometimes you need the laughter.

Claudia said...

Humor keeps us from appearing insane, long after we are, I know, trust me. :)

Peggy Sez.. said...

Everyone needs a serious day..Yours sounds like you actually got something done (unlike mine)!

Now why do I suddenly want to buy a damn 'ambagar?