Tuesday, May 20, 2008

and then...there were 200

The past few days I haven't been able to really think about what I wanted to do for this particular post. There was a feeling I had that I should do something...but, life has decided that other things are more important. No...nothing serious or anything....just life itself.

I commented on a blog the other day about how sometimes I feel as if (please picture this, if you can)....there is Debbie (and since we are using our imaginations, imagine her about 30 pounds thinner, okay?)...she's riding her shiny bicycle down a nice road with flowers of every color imaginable growing on the sides....the sun is shining and high up in a beautiful blue sky with little white fluffy clouds floating along in the breeze.....the birds are singing and....it. is. a. good. day.
And then.....it's almost as if God looks down and says to her/himself......"What is that Debbie doing? I see no character building going on in her life right now."....and KAZAM...a huge bird poops on my shoulder....my bicycle gets a flat....the road turns into the "path into hell" itself with sharp rocks and holes....and then the clouds turn black and it starts to rain....hard...with the wind blowing....crap.


Okay....whew! I'm done..maybe....just a bit of a "pity party w/some venting"....so glad you could come...thanks for bringing the *insert food or drink of choice here*.

The bane of my existence right now is trying to find a way to the States this summer. I'm one of those foreigners who, needs to go "home" to just...be, just for a bit, and then I'm happy.
I can find the tickets.....finding the extra gazillion yen to pay for those tickets is another obstacle.
As I have done before, I am getting together a "Colorado Adventure with Debbie" tour with some students. Right now, there are 4 people who definitely want to go....and about 4 or5 more who are "seriously thinking about it". I will admit that the more that go, the less money I have to come up with for tickets. As I am the one making ALL the arrangements, I also allow some extra for me!

Flights to the States this year, as they were last year, are very expensive....and I have to buy 3. Though the boys' tickets are cheaper than mine, they aren't that much cheaper.
But.....being ever the optimist that I am....I believe that things will work out. I will stop by the church tomorrow and say a quick prayer....then...on Friday, go to the temple and pray to those Gods....might even throw down the runes and see what they say....and then, just to cover ALL my bases....I'll be following The Secret and "putting it out there" (will find a good time so the neighbors won't feel they need to come and ask me what I am doing in my back yard talking to the sky!!!)

Enough of that!!! Let's see.....so...sorry...no nudity in this post. I couldn't get any of the men in my house to pose....at least when I had the camera ready...so that is out.
Not enough money in the world but talk to me later if you have all the money in the world could get me to do that. (Mrs. G. did post the other day some 'pictures of the nude kind' along with her post so if you really wanna see some "ample bosoms and Rubenesque figures"...head over to her!!).

My friend Jan, here in Nagasaki, mentioned that some people have a "giveaway" on their 200th post....hmmmm....thanks for the idea...might do that later...but, I already have so much stuff in boxes ready to be sent (as "thank you" for the Girl Scout cookies I received...and all that other stuff in that one box!!!) that I will save that for another day.

So...I probably should leave you with something...but.....

STOP....before you click on the video, there are a few very important things for you to keep in mind as you are watching. First....I made this video...or I tried to make it...after my hula class last week...and I was tired. We are learning new dance and I was afraid I would forget the hand and feet movements...so I sometimes make a video to help me when I practice.....and, well...you can see for yourself, that I did in fact forget some parts (the other videos, dance-wise, were much better!!!). Also....remember....it's the end of the day and I look like crap.......that the camera adds 50 20 pounds....and holy mother of God, when did I get such a "toothpaste jiggle"??? (the Japanese call that furisode, or "kimono sleeve arms"!!!) You'll see....don't look too hard, you might hurt your eyes!!

The reason for the video is NOT for the dance....you'll see why.....enjoy...and really...don't laugh too hard, please!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yb5Fax6a-s )


.....isn't that the truth!!!


A quick message, to you....thank you for coming to my blog. If you come here often, I appreciate it so much. If you are new...do come again. When I first started this whole "blogging life", I had no idea it would turn out to be so, yes, time consuming, yet so very much fun!!! And as "they" say, "Thank you for your support."


Claudia said...

First of all woman, you are stunningly poised and elegant. I couldn't help picturing you in a grass skirt and a wreath of flowers on your head. You've got an amazing laugh and you're filled with grace, even when you don't know the steps. Second, I want the skirt. How CUTE is that??! Third, kids. You have to love 'em, or you'd kill them. ** hugs **

PS - if you ever hit New England you have a place to stay. :) Just saying. In exchange of course, for dance lessons. You sexy thang, you.

AP said...

That kid never fails to make me smile!

Cheri said...

So the MOMENT you know when you're coming stateside, you must POST IT!!! YAY!

Also, the bird poop thing sound just like what would happen to me. ;-)

Nancy said...

Happy 200th!

Wow, I applaud you for learning the hula. You look so graceful.

I LOVE your little "shadow" ... so adorable.

kim said...

I had no idea you were so good! Seriously - you got the moves, woman! Just find a way - get your a$$ home!

Taylor said...

You got the cutest little kid, Debbie. (I know, I know, "You're still a kid, blah blah blah" I am not a kid, I am a teenager in August.=D) You are an amazing dancer, and congragulations on making it into the 200's, you ambitious little thing! (Not to mention perservering. I only have about 60 posts. I started blogging in February, lol!)

talk to you latah! Keep on blogging!

Ginaagain said...

Congratulations on hitting 200! Thank you so much for posting your hula video. It's wonderful! I watched it several times because it made me smile so much. Delaney came and watched with me and asked if you were speaking "sims language". Umm, I guess we need a bit more culture around here!

Peggy Sez.. said...

Congrats on your 200th post! I loved your "bike' ride story. I laughed I cried I was scared AND I cheered you on to victory. Maybe you should send it t Hollywood it would surely make a better movie than what they have been churning out lately..LOL!

You should also consider taking your Hula Dance on the road! You already have a mighty fine (and handsome) backup dancer!

dkuroiwa said...

Thank you so much to everyone for such wonderful "warm fuzzy-filled" comments!!! I'm definitely not as grumpy now....what a bunch a great friends I have!!

@Claudia...will post a picture just as your described...our last recital we had the grass skirts...we were very cool!! The purple skirt is one that my friend made for me...actually they are very easy to make...I can send you the directions if you'd like!!

@AP....gosh...hard to imagine who he is related to, huh?? He kind of reminds me of you....when you were about his age...cuteness runs in this family!!!

@Cheri...working on schedule now...may not make SD this year...you should catch a ride with Jenn to Co...!!!!

@Nancy...thank you..I do believe that is the first time that "graceful" and "Debbie" have even been in the same sentence, in a positive tone!!!

@Kim...'bout damn time you left a comment!! Love you!! and yeah...i got many hidden talents!! :-D

@Taylor...you're a sweetie...and about to be a teenager...you should learn to hula too...that would be something not many younger people do, I think!!

@Gina..."sims" language?? must be something I missed!! Actually...I was saying "I forgot" and "oh let's stop"!!! When I get the dance down better, I'll post it!!! Nothing like putting yourself out there, I always say!!

@Peggy...we will be taking the hula entourage to colorado sometime in August...entrance fee is a sense of humor and a 6-pack of beer...come on over!!! :-D
Movie, hmmmm.....?!?! :-D

Susan said...

Deb, you are REALLY good at hula dancing, I think we might need a lesson this summer! And Congrats on the 200 posts, I am finding it really hard to find the time.

Koji is such a ham, it was a really good video, was Issei filming it? I miss you guys so damn much! Can't imagine how your mom stands it. Get to work on those tickets!

The Girl Next Door said...

AWESOME video - you really are very graceful. And love that kid - he kills me. I am a new-er reader and love every minute of your blog. Congrats on 200!

ElPato said...

200 awesome big fun! Ten more minutes and I am outta here! I feel as if I am on the same kinda bike ride, except the opposite... Riding my bike outta hell and I just noticed my first flower on the path.

Outta - the work for the day.

Claudia said...


Karen MEG said...

Okay, the boy was totally cute, but he could NOT steal your thunder... Debbie, are you ever awesome with your dancing!!! So smooth, amazing.

All that grace after your visions of cycling and bird poop...no wonder I love you ;). I've been shat on twice in my life, I believe it's supposed to be good luck, no?

just jamie said...

Wow. You are an amazing dancer. I feel like I need a little pineapple drink now. Cute, cute, video. And cute, cute companion. :)

Memarie Lane said...

I was definitely not ct out for the hula, I'm very inhibited. You know if you do get to Colorado, you'll only be slightly North of me. ;)

Family Adventure said...

I can NOT get the video to work. Ugh! So I will only commiserate with you and your need for a gazillion yen to travel. It is ridiculously expensive to travel anywhere nowadays. I hope you find a way - going 'home' every now and then is so important.

Happy 200th post - and let's hear it for nudity for post 300, yes?? :)


Grandy said...


I so very much believe you have character. You are a courageous woman who has overcome some things in your life. You'll find a way to get back to the states.

Look me up when you do.

jan in nagasaki said...

is that a kim that I know????

if so, hello Kim!!!!

I wonder how many posts I have???

when I hit 200 maybe i'll do a hula dance.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are REALLY, REALLY good! Love your little shadow! You know I understand your bike analogy!

truebitch said...

Hilarious! Tatsuro and I were laughing! We'll have to get you and his mom together (she's taking hula lessons now)[and Koji] to do a little show for us!