Monday, May 05, 2008

My little map-maker 'in training'...and a chance at some *BLING*

For the past few weeks, Koji has been pestering asking me to go to this place the kids call Kani Koen or "crab park". On Friday night, he actually drew a map to show me where it was and that "it's not too far". This is his favorite place to go and play and he reallyreallyreallyreally wanted me to go and play,too. So, I told him that on Sunday, if the weather was good, we would go.
Here is the map that he drew: (Koji said I should write the directions to make sure that everyone understood!!!)

So...yesterday (Sunday)...the weather was beautiful and after grocery shopping, he and I left on our little in hand.
Here's front of our house....looking mighty determined, don't you think?!?!
That's Issei, on the scooter and his friend Takeru...wondering what the heck Koji is up to!!

We passed some really purdy flowers on the corner just down from our house...before the is on a downhill road, so maybe that's where the "jump" was!!!
Koji and I decided that these were our favorite flowers....ever!!!
Here's Koji...just after the steps, (there are a lot less, in reality!!) but still going doooooowwwwnnn the mountain.
Toward the end of the trail....we had to walk in this....I'm hoping that is clean water coming out of those pipes!!!
And here we are......not exactly a park, per se...but a fun place to play, anyway!!! It's actually a small canal that runs between houses and down about 4 feet or so. We both took our shoes off and waded in the water....and then...
...he took off down the bend with a "C'mon Mommy!!!! Let's go!!!"
Thanks goodness he wore yellow and was easy to follow!!!

The water is about yay deep and really mossy...kind of gross, but that's was fun!!

Oh...just in case anyone is wondering...Koji has a birthmark on his right foot that pretty much covers his ankle and the top of his foot...we call it his "special foot that God gave him". A dermatologist, after warning me about skin cancer and some other stuff (you'll have to ask my mom what all he said because after I heard the word "cancer", I pretty much blocked out everything else the man said!!) anyway...he said that when Koji was 12 or 14 years old, we could think about having it lasered off...but...the birthmark has become a part of who Koji is...I don't think we'll be doing anything.'s on his foot...if it were on his face, then we'd probably be thinking about it, but, no...we'll leave it as it is!!!

Koji pointed out this plant that is growing up the wall....he called it the "love leaves".....look carefully....can you see the heart?? Koji thought I should take a picture to put on my computer " because it's really pretty".

When we got back....Dad and Issei had started the fire for a was a wonderful night for it. Both boys thought that we really should have bought fireworks at the grocery store!!

I realized that I am a bad mother.....remembering that I had some really big marshmallows in the cabinet, I told them we needed to roast some. When I got back out side, all three pairs of eyes were like "What in the world are you talking about???" Realizing that we had never done this....I proceeded to show them how to make the "perfect roasted marshmallow"!!

Everything was going yummingly...until...Koji got his a bit too close to the fire and his just suddenly "blew up"!!! I said that it looked like the baby on the movie "The Incredibles"...Issei actually choked on a marshmallow on that one!!! Which made Koji start doing his "JackJack" impersonations!!! The K-Man just stood by...shaking his head...and roasting more marshmallows!!


And now....for the bling!!! (Did you think I had forgotten?!?!)

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Now that's the way to enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

Deb...I so envy you and the guys. You take the time to enjoy life and world around you. So many of us don't do that like we should (me included). To see the smiles and the twinkle in everyones eyes sure tugs at my heart. Tell all hi and miss you all. Love ya Shellie

Mrs. G. said...

You have one good looking family. And I think you have a fierce cartographer on your hands...cute too.

katydidnot said...

i always loved my marshmallows charred. my son calls them 'mallows. in a very surfer dude way.

Grandy said...

Yeah!! We witnessed their first marshmallow roast. :)

Manager Mom said...

What a great outing... beats my snapshots from the halls of various grocery stores by a mile.

I wanted to comment on the birthmark... The Boy was born with two webbed toes on each of his feet. The doc said it was just cosmetic, they're fully functional, but we should wait til he was at least one before we had them seperated, if we ever did. (there was no medical reason to do so).

He's five now and I can't imagine the idea of putting him into surgery for cosmetic toe reasons. If he ever asks, I'll do it but I'm not going to force it on him. I love those little joined toes like crazy, because they are part of what makes him special.

Marie said...

After seeing your map I expected Koji to be much bigger. :P

Brad has a birthmark like that on his leg, and even though it actually got bigger as he grew, it has never bothered him in any way.

David said...

Great photos! That is one determined looking dude.
What fun!

Taylor said...

my favorite flower is the chrysanthemum, but those flowers are very pretty.

Sounds like a fun day!

Susan said...

I love the adventure you guys went on! Tell Koji that his map was really cool! I love the picture with him and the peace sign. Who needs to speak the same language? Seeing your feet makes me miss you guys, can't wait for the summer visit!

Family Adventure said...

That map is precious!! I love the plant that grows in a heart shape, too. Thanks for taking us with you on your adventure!

Heidi :)

Cheri said...

I love that boy! The tenacity! The determination. The darlingness.

Also, the marshmallows look delicious.