Sunday, May 04, 2008

A really great day

Yesterday, the K-man had the day off so we loaded up the boys and went for a drive. Many times, more often than not, when we leave the house I really don't know where we are going exactly. And yesterday was no different....I did know that we were going to the "most western point" of Japan and that we were going to see some azaleas and that I should pack our onsen ("hot springs") bag....full of towels, underwear and then "all that other stuff I need to make myself presentable"!!! And so...I did. As usual, we had a great day!!

I always enjoy these days...when the K-man doesn't have to work and he can relax...he really is a funny man...he makes me laugh. Especially in conversations like the one we had walking through the azaleas. I had found, in the midst of all those beautiful flowers one...lone...solitary...flower, probably a weed, but the flower was tall and purple and so beautiful, in its own right.

D: Look at this flower!! It's so pretty!!
K,I and K: Oh yeah...uh-huh...pretty...
D: Gosh. This reminds me :-)
I & K:................................................(and then running up the hill)
K: if there were a bunch of the Miss Universe contestants standing on a stage and you were with them....yeah...just like that.
D: But, I'd still be pretty.
K: Yes, but different.
D: But, still pretty.
K: Of course.

Yeah...the man does have his "moments"!! I'm playing with my photos and was trying to find a way to put a slide show on the side...over's almost 2:00 in the morning and I'm tired. I have run out of patience in dealing with Blogger AND Picasa!!

So...I just put the slide show here. Enjoy!!!
**If the pictures are moving too fast...sorry...I tried to get that fixed...until I figure that out...just roll the mouse over the bottom of the frame and the controls will pop can stop and go slower that way!!**


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

These photos remind me of the tide pools at Pt. Loma--one of my favorite San Diego places.

I think a sense of humor is the number one quality I appreciate in a man; a dry sense of humor is best and it sounds like K-man has that!

Family Adventure said...

There's some seriously gorgeous pictures in that slideshow.

I like your K-man!


Family Adventure said...
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Claudia said...

I am envious of your life. Can we do a 'life swap' for a week? I promise to leave you lotsa yummy food in the fridge. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great place! I'm loving see Japan through your eyes!