Wednesday, May 07, 2008

For want of a better title..."Just Stuff" (but still, worth looking through!!)

I really wanted to post yesterday, yesterday was the last day of our holiday, I tried to get some stuff done that would qualify as "constructive"....not sure if I succeeded, but until about 6:00 last night, I was feeling really good about the day. "What happened at 6:00?", you ask? that time, or thereabout, I suddenly developed a serious case of PMS and a huge case of crankiness!!! It wasn't pretty.....and after the male-type humans of this family had escaped gone to bed, I found myself still not in the mood to do any blogging, so I found a sleazy romance novel and did some escaping of my own for about an hour before going to bed.

It was hard this morning to get everyone up and around...but with my crankiness turned down a few numbers on the dial, I was pretty damn cheerful (thanks in part to Motrin and a cup of coffee!!)...everyone was a little less 'cautious' as they came into the kitchen. yesterday....I did some "cleaning" of picture files...going through pictures...and here are some things I thought I'd post today:

This is a picture of Koji, when he was about 9 months old. Behind him is just some of the display stuff we have for "Boys' Day"....the helmet he is wearing is actually part of the display, but...we try to make things "real" here in the Kuroiwa House!!!

(Look at that double-chin, will you?!? Those arms!! Yes, we love our babies 'chunky-style'!!)

And of course, Issei tried it on.

(Please, try to refrain from commenting on the Easter Eggs still out...I'm telling you that Easter was VERY late that year...EXTREMELY late!!!)

Yesterday, I made these. A good friend of mine is taking a Cartonnage (French paper-craft) class and they had some of the kits left over....I thought I give it a shot! The small tissue boxes were the easiest to make (she said)...and surprisingly enough..they were!! I might even make some more!!! I'm thinking that I will keep one and then give the other to the K-Man's mom for Mother's Day. there WAS some 'frittering' of time at the computer...I was just playing around with this new web-cam!!! That was just one of the 'picture accessories' you could choose!!! (and again...refraining from comments, this time about the hair, would be greatly appreciated!!!)

This is for Claudia....last year, I got some jasmine clippings and we planted them behind the house...they have really taken off this year. The smell is so nice and just floats around the house in the breeze!!! The K-Man said that it was "Madagascar Jasmine"...neither one of us is sure about "night Jasmine"....I'll ask some of my students and see what I can find!!

The flamingos have landed!!!!

If anyone ever needed proof that my sister Sara and I are actual sisters, we can use this as "Evidence #55". This is the house that she and her husband Jarrett just bought. They had a "yeah! We bought a house!" party the other night and some friends of hers sent these as a gift. Sara was VERY excited and thought this was a great present!!! So did her big sister!!! They came from the Eastern Onion in Atlanta!!! The sad thing, for me anyway, maybe for Sara too, is that the flamingos disappeared the next day....but what fun you can have while they are there!!! The Eastern Onion also has cows, pigs, penguins, and hearts....along with the usual singing telegrams and such...what a fun company!!!

And here are the flamingos I got in a birthday card from my friend, Tomoko!!! Her kids (Sho and Leia) are absolute dolls and I *puffy heart* this picture!!! I was looking to see what Yahoo had to offer me...they had the list of TV shows that were airing their final episodes.....and I found.....


Am I in the throes of PMS or is just an incredibly HAWT picture?!?! The Tudors is a show that I feel I must...nay...need to know....for historical purposes!! ~wink wink~ I checked out some of the clips on YouTube and...lordylordylordy!!!

I don't mean to be forgetful, but in the blogs I read faithfully, someone mentioned this show....and I canNOT for the life of me remember who it was!!!!! If it was you, please let me know!!! I am thinking about writing to a couple of the channels here that are pretty good about getting American programs and strongly encourage them to get this one!!!

Oyasumi nasai....Good night.....sweet dreams!


Susan said...

OMG, Debbie, I love your blogs! I don't know how you get the time to take pictures, download them, and then write what you do. I actually LOL at your picture!

Claudia said...

1) I'm on the same PMS wagon as you my love, today I was dragon lady. It's not pretty.

2) Too bad you can't saran wrap jasmine and ship it. I really need to find some. Does it smell as delicious as they say? Supposedly Night Blooming Jasmine ( has a heady scent that can even be construed as overwhelming at times. I want it. I'll find it. But thank you for the pictures, now I am insanely jealous.

3) Which of course means I am going to now mock your webcam picture. Not your hair woman (snort) but the goggles. WTF??!? Dare I ask WHERE you were planning on snorkling too whilst on-line?

4) Oh, wait, now that I saw the Tudor picture I get it. You needed to filter the hawtness. You're forgiven. ;)

Cheri said...

I love the baby/child comparison photos.

I LOVE the lawn flamingos.

You in googles -- GRRRRREAT.

But King Henry VIII played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers -- makes me lose my head.

Marie said...

I was never interested in that show before, but now that I've seen that picture I must.

I looove fat babies! My daughter is 2.5 now and her chub is all but gone. I about cried when I noticed the folds in her arms are no longer there. Hopefully these baby will be a porker too.

Anonymous said...

The flamingo telegram things are awesome! We used to do that as a fundraiser for the PTA! People would pay us to have them put on their friend's lawns. Then the friend would pay us to remove it and send it to someone else. So fun!

Karen MEG said...

Debbie, you are too, too funny... that goggles shot is priceless LOL!

They were running that show Tudors here this past season and I never got a chance to watch it ... looks very steamy!!

And your boys, so cute... but I especially love the chubby baby shot ... I LOVE that baby fat!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It was Bad Mom--she knows her hotties!

Family Adventure said...

I was PMSing in a major way last night, the blogosphere somehow coordinating everyone's cycle?

Next time, I'm definitely trying the 'goggle-wearing while on the computer' look. At least it'll give the men in my life a laugh while I'm all pouty crankiness :)


Family Adventure said...

PS; Your boys? So.Cute.

Paida said...

That baby photo KILLS Me! What a chubby cutie patootie!

Love love love your blog. So fun to read such fun Debbie thinking.