Friday, May 30, 2008

Flowers....Fun....and a Fond Farewell

I woke up this morning in an incredibly great mood....because there were 5 Fridays in the month of May and most classes only meet four times, my morning class took a break...which meant that I could have a morning off...the first in a very long time.

I didn't actually spend the whole morning on the computer as I am tempted to do....I did get some things accomplished....I washed and hung out 3 loads of laundry (which, by the way is still hanging outside and...what's that? Yes, I do believe that it's raining....good thing I thought to hang the clothes where they wouldn't get wet...just in case. See....she's smart, too!!)

I mentioned before that our garden is full of many different plants and flowers...some we planted ourselves, others that were here when we moved in. In the back corner of our yard stands two hydrangea bushes....both are quite big and are now blooming. (FYI....the hydrangea is the official flower of Nagasaki City.) They have just started to bloom so the colors are not as vibrant as they will be in a few days.....but they are still very beautiful.

The other bush....which is just starting to bloom... is pink.

The hydrangeas start out as one color and then will change into different colors as the season progresses....the blue will turn almost purple, and the pink ones will turn very dark....or at least, that's what they did last year...I'm assuming they will again, never knows!! miniature rose bush now has a bloom...and 2 buds.


As I was getting dressed this morning to be ready to get out there and "seize the day", I found myself choosing things that reflected my whimsically girlish mood today..... denim capris....CHECK! (and butt is NOT that angle people, cam~er~a angle!!)

Really fun pink shell earrings......CHECK!

MP3 Player...CHECK! Jeff Healey (at a resonable volume).....CHECK!My "Hollywood Starlet" sandals (with little spike heels and sparkly things)......CHECK!
"Diva" sunglasses and a smile......CHECK....AND CHECK!!
Oh...yes...just in case....a pair of flip flops....CHECK!

**Which I did change into at about 5:00....those others are cute, oh man...after a while, those sparkly things start digging in and be damned...I wanted some comfort...but...still managed to follow today's theme!!!**

I love this time of year...but...with the blooming of the hydrangea, the "rainy season" will soon follow....and how quickly it becomes my "least favorite season of the year." (Anyone who has been here during the rainy season, knows what I am talking about. Can you say, "UGH"??)

I'm not going to say anymore about this dreadful season as I can feel my incredibly great mood slowly fading.....will save that for another day!!


And now....on a more serious note....I saw on the Yahoo News that Harvey Korman had passed away on Thursday. I don't know about you, but I grew up on the Carol Burnett Show. She and Harvey, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and Lyle Waggoner entertained us weekly from 1967-78.

I went to YouTube to find a video and spent about an hour... just laughing...they really don't make shows like that anymore, do they?? I remember watching carefully the sketches with Harvey and was extra funny many times because Harvey Korman would crack up and try to hide the fact that he was laughing....which made the skit even funnier!! this...and remember a great, funny man.

Harvey Korman, 1927-2008


Nancy said...

Yeah you!

I love the baby rose.

My unaccomplished goal has been to find some silver spikey heels to wear with my jeans :sigh: I haven't found any yet. 'Cep maybe some that look like stripper shoes, lol.

Anonymous said...

You look especially girly! I think those capris look wonderful!
I grew up on Carol Burnett too. I used to love it!

Karen MEG said...

Is that my Clive, MY CLIVE?!!! LOL!

I love all that bling, you look like you're ready to rock there Debbie!

Carol Burnett was a tradition growing up. Harvey Korman and Tim Conway used to crack me right up. He will be missed.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You were looking fine!

I love Hydrangeas--mine are pink.

Mrs. G. said...

You are as pretty as the flowers in your garden-love the hot terrace boy!

I loved Harvey Korman-he was the best Rhett Butler ever!

Cheri said...

The flowers! The shoes! The shirtless man! The storyteller! Saucy loves it all!

Manager Mom said...

Those peonies are gorgeous... but mine always have little ants in them when i bring 'em in the house...

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Clive Owen on the balcony? Hey, that doesn't fit the sparkly theme! Unless he gets sweaty and the beads start to glisten...Alright, there we go. You're welcome :)

Harvey Korman - yes, indeed. Hedley Lamarr, hysterical.

truebitch said...

Your fashion is FABULOUS!

Please come to our flea market at Sumiyoshi Chuo Koen -- I believe there are a pair of green sequined shoes that might be in your size (donated by an ALT)! Very bling!

I also used to love watching Harvey Korman crack up in skits with Tim Conway. He could never control his face!