Thursday, May 15, 2008

To "nude", or not to "nude"...shoo-be-dooby-doo!!

Someone once told me that naked meant you had no clothes on; nekkid was when you had no clothes on, but were up to something. So when the idea of nudity was brought up in the comments of the previous post (You crazy women, you!!)...well....not just "no"...but "hell no"!!!
And then....I was sitting in my car with nothing on the radio to listen to and the batteries on my MP3 player gone....I had some quality thinking time as I sat in traffic.

I am a "language instructor" and I try to make my lessons interesting and I started thinking about the word "naked"....and how we use it when we talk. As with many words and phrases, my students can understand the words's when we start playing with those words and using them in similes or idioms that really messes them up!!

So....since I have about 2 seconds to spare before I really should go to bed some free time, I have done some Googling and whatnot to see what I could find about the word "naked".

First....I went to the Internet Movie Data Base and found that there are 404 titles with the word "naked" in them!! (The last one, by the way, was "Would You Kiss A Naked Man?", from 1976...that just made me giggle!!). I found The Naked Fame...Gun...Runner...Naked to the Bone (now naked!!)....Naked Thighs....Ambition....Cage...Circus (can you imagine?)...Naked Lunch...Evil...Fear...Monster, to name a few.

I can tell the naked truth....or have naked aggression.

"The naked eye"

(and yes just a bit puffy and's not easy taking a picture of your own eye with a cell phone!!! The things I do for this blog!!! :-D )

I plugged in "naked city" to Google....and this is what I got.....I'm thinking that this is NOT what Mark Hellinger meant when he wrote, " There are 8 million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them."

Did you know that the phrase "buck naked" is said to have come from "butt naked" because it sounded more polite??

How about The Naked Chef? I have to admit that when I first heard of Jamie Oliver I was a bit disappointed because he wasn't really naked. Bummer.

"Naked as a jaybird." No...sorry...don't really understand that one.

a naked light bulb

a naked flame...which is dangerous, so be careful...especially if you are dancing around naked in your house...I'm just saying.

Here in Japan, we have the Naked car..that's the name...basically, it comes with...nothing...only the bare necessities (to quote one of my favorite bears!) is naked... in the world of cars!!

**just checking to see if you're still with me!!!

And I will leave you with one of my favorite songs (which I use in classes!!) by one of my favorite bands...The Barenaked Ladies!! Enjoy!! (if you can't see the video..go to


ElPato said...

I wonder if "naked as a jaybird" has something to do with convicts? I should look it up but I am too lazy...

That last picture, Debbie I Love You, is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh

Taylor said...

That was an interesting post on your views of the "Nude" world. =D

Anonymous said...

Don't think I'd like to live in a naked city. My aunt and uncle used to go to nudist colonies. THOSE are the people that should be clothed, I tell you!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Naked city. The last thing I want to see is someone sneezing and coughing when they're naked.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You did a heckuva job with the word. And that's the naked truth.

Grandy said...

I enjoy reading your blog, hun. You don't have to put in gratuitous nudity to get my attention. ;)

Family Adventure said...

I have never heard the expression "Buck naked"...only the originator. Too funny :)

In fact, this whole post was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.


PS...and the explanation as to what you do in Japan!

Claudia said...

Being naked rocks. Skinny dipping rocks. Nekkid moon bathing rocks. Naked. NAKED rocks. Period.

Karen MEG said...

I've never seen "naked" used in such an original, and CLEAN way LOL!

And yay, for the BNL, hometown boys!!