Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordy Wednesday...and some visual aids

**And yes...I know...most people are doing "Wordless Wednesday"...well...what can I say...I'm a rebel. Dare to be different....I sometimes live by that!!!***

My class started late this morning and I had some extra time to do blogging and surfing some really important stuff on the computer and I found a little extra "sunshine" in my little corner of the house! I got this "birthday" hibiscus plant from two of my most favorite students, Masami and a couple of days, I might have 4 or 5 more flowers!! Love the color!!!

Oldest son went with his friends to a shopping mall and look what he came back with. Yes, they are shiny. Yes, they are very pretty. Yes, THEY ARE BEATLES!!! ~~sigh~~
Between the 8 fish, 4 turtles, unknown number of even more unknown kinds of larvae soon to hatch and now these's like freaking Wild Kingdom in our entrance way. ~~~~sigh~~~~~
After looking at so many wonderful colors of azaleas that are blooming around our neighborhood this year....these....(I'm pretty sure) are my favorites!!!
So, tomorrow, gas prices will go back up again...about 25 yen...lines at the gasoline stands were a) something I don't remember ever seeing here in Japan and b) about 25 cars long at one place. I filled up the car earlier in the the station that I usually go to (which by the way, is "full service"...remember those?!??!) Wednesday is "Ladies' Day" and for those women who fill up their cars and pay cash, you get.......a loaf of bread....from England....the it's also "100% Bread" (must get the K-man to translate what that squiggle means in the middle).....and yes, there are only 5 slices. Bread usually comes in 5 or 6 slices...8 slices in a loaf are hard to find. To me, the bread here is waaaay too much like Texas Toast....made with Wonder Bread!!! mmmmmmmmmmm!!
More color from our garden....these are starting to bloom...I think we might have secretly took cuttings got them from one of the ladies down the street. (Ergo) They are in the back yard!! :-D

Good-bye sox....HellLLLlooooOOo Sandals!!!
The weather was so warm today...I dug these out...and yes, I do know that a pedicure would have been so much prettier before posting such a picture...and yes, that's why I chose the picture that was the blurriest!! I got these sandals last year for about $3 at Tar-Jay...I do love the "end of summer sales"!!! I don't really like them as the thingy between the toes is too thin and hard to 'grasp' when walking...but until I get those other ones I have been lusting after, these will have to do!!! (Where did my other pant leg go, I wonder?!?!)

Just something that makes me giggle!!

And finally....a hug...for you all. Whether you need it or not, take's yours. I'm a hugger and in this "anti-hugging" society, sometimes it really gets to me...thank goodness there are "hidden huggers" here that I have become friends with. They have saved me!!

Enjoy your Wednesday....hug someone...pass it on!!


Nancy said...

"Happy Birthday"

I love little toe rings ... that looks nice with your sandals.

and ....


Anonymous said...

Hi cousin Debbie! I found your blog thru Susan. I just wanted to drop a line and say it'll be fun keeping up with you! I'll have to let Trampas read it tonight! :)
Elizabeth H.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, Loved the pics of the flowers, really liked the daisy. Looking forward to my yard blooming soon. Enjoy your spring weather...we have that good ole WIND blowing here. HHHHHHUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGSSSSSSS from all of us.

Ciara said...

thats so true, i'm a bit of a hugger too & thought it was just me thinking that society was becoming a bit anti-hugging but good to know.
So big {{{{{{HUG}}}}} to you & I'm going to pass on the hugs too.
Have a great day

katydidnot said...

those bugs are seriously cool.

Ginaagain said...

Hey, your house sounds like mine. Wild Kingdom gone awry. We've got a cat, a dog, 5 crabs, a visitor dog, and Taylor is getting a lizard in June.

I loved the pictures.. especially the flowers. Azaleas are just starting to bloom here too and they are so pretty. They make my eyes itch though.

Hugs to you too.

Karen MEG said...

Beautiful flowers, Debbie, what a colourful post! Not so much the bugs though ... ewww!
Cute sandals too... really like the toe ring ... don't know where mine are.

I think I need to get a pedi soon too, but it's gotten cold again here!

Family Adventure said...

Can I just say that I totally needed this upbeat blog post this morning. Thank you so much, Debbie. For the flowers, the smiles (100% bread) and the hug!

Have a good day - Heidi

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Deb, You have no idea how much I need a hug today. Thanks.

Claudia said...

(( Hugs back at you honey!! )) LOVE your toe ring! Essential accessory in the summer!! Hey lady, do they have night blooming jasmine there, by any chance!!?? LOVE your pictures, they always make me smile, you're so far away, and yet you make me feel right there with you!!!