Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Would you like some catch-up with that??

We have been experiencing some difficulty with Blogger for the last couple of evenings...it wouldn't let me download any pictures!! And me...with my "oh, screw it, I'm going to bed" attitude that I have had for the same amount of time...yeah, no posts.
It's amazing how many blogs get piled up in my Google Reader if even one day goes by that I don't read!!! There are some serious bloggers out there!!! You'd think that would be incentive, wouldn't you?!?!?! hahahahaha!!! In Japan, the phrase "my pace" is used quite often to describe that kind of behavior.....yeah...uh-huh...that would be me!!!

So anyway....Sunday was my birthday....my 46th one. And from now on, I have decided that I will no longer be celebrating birthdays. Oh...don't get me wrong...there will be celebrating going on...but instead.....

the 10th Anniversary of my 36th Birthday sounds really good doesn't it?!?! So, I'll be celebrating anniversaries.....not the birthdays!!!

In the comments of the post where I was whining about lamenting the passing years...KarenMEG posted something that I'm going to keep as my mantra...she said,

"The number is one thing... how you live it, is another."

Thanks Karen for reminding me of that...and thanks to everyone else for the comments!!

On Sunday...I had decided that I did want to do something to commemorate the event, so I sent a message to 3 friends and told them that I would be in my garden about 2:00, drinking a margarita and if they wanted to join me, they could and their presence would be appreciated. No big preparations....nothing fancy to eat...just some good quality time...outside in the lovely weather with my laundry drying around us.

The night before, I had mixed up a big-ass bucket of margarita mix....with a spigot, no doubt!! Believe me...I may try and use this puppy again!!!
I'm sure they would have been better had they been frozen...but...the bucket wouldn't fit in my freezer!!! (Freezers are not what they are in the States!! *sigh*) But...that's okay...I got my plastic cactus glasses....some ice..I couldn't find my really cool margarita salt-thingy (the top is yellow and shaped like a sombrero...you put water in there to dip the rim of the glass then into the salt...it's very cool...but for the life of me I canNOT find it!!!), so I had to improvise.

Oh...by the way...in the picture...in the Tupperware bowl...the white stuff is Ranch Dip....only the best for my friends!!

Me and ko' u hoaloha

In the side garden...My friends and me.....Jan (in the hat) and Melodie, me (in white with some "WHOA"-kind of hair...crap!!!) and then Karen, in the blue chair. We are an "international group" of sorts...American (Jan and I), British (Karen) and Canadian (Mel). We are all married to Japanese men and even though our situations are slightly different, it's nice to have not only a good friendship, but also really strong support whenever it's needed.

Mom and her boys...and the cake that got "beat up" in the box on the way home on the back of Dad's scooter!!! (It was still pretty gosh darn good!!) Notice the glass margarita glass in the bottom right corner...."plastic outside, glass inside"!!! Always a good rule to follow!!

Some of the bounty of the evening.....2 new "buttons" for my Crocs....the hibiscus and honu ("turtle") were from the boys!!!
It was a Hawaiian kind of night from my ohana ("family")!!
Though I lurrrvvee all my presents, there are two that are extra special. The first being the flowers....from Issei. He had spent the afternoon with friends at a shopping center not so far from the house....he bought them then. When he gave them to me, I hugged him and said that I "loved the flowers"...he then proceeded to tell me that he got them for 150 yen (about $1.50). Gosh, the young man knows a) to buy Mommy flowers on her birthday without being told and b) that the not so pretty flowers or the older ones are going to be cheaper...go for the bargain!! (He used his own money, so I can appreciate the frugalness...it's the thought!!!) The second extra special gift is the Hawaiian/English Dictionary. In hula class, the sensei (teacher) will explain the songs...in Japanese!! Sometimes I really don't understand the meaning...and if I don't understand the meaning, then...the hand movements are just that much more difficult! We always get a print with the Japanese and the Hawaiian words.....NOW....I can use my dictionary and figure out, at least, the gist of the song!!!

So....my la hanau was kupaianaha thanks to my ohana and ko'u hoaloha!!!
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just jamie said...

Well Happy Birthday, er, Anniversary to you. Great gifts, great company, and I NEED that margarita thing. So cool.

Peggy Sez.. said...

Happy VERY Belated Birthday! I would have come by but my broom doesn't get the mileage it use to..BWAHAHAHA!

Love the Margarita thingie..I want one too.Hope you had a wonderful day and just remember..
Life is what we make it..Always has been,always will be.
Grandma Moses coined that one.

Peggy Sez.. said...

P.S. I put you on my blogroll..'Cause I'm lazy that way. ;p

Mrs. G. said...

Happy, Happy Birthday/Anniversary!

It looks like you all are having a marvelous time. Love the margaritas.

katydidnot said...

happy birthday times a gabillion, sorry i missed it, i've been um...just a slacker.

and your blog? beautiful! the flamingo, i want to marry him.

Leeann said...

Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more good ones!
Every year's a gift!


Grandy said...

Happy Anniversary Lady!!! The package got there just in time then. :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy Birthday.

I love it when my boys buy me flowers.

If you come to San Diego I will buy you a jumbo margarita to drink on the beach!

Family Adventure said...

Happy Birthday!

I love that your boy bought you flowers with his own money. Too precious.

And what could be better than celebrating an anniversary with margaritas and good friends. :)


mrs. blogoway said...

Happy Birthday!! All my friends in Texas prefer Margarita on the rocks anyway... It's so nice to finally see your beautiful face. Keep the pictures coming. I love to learn about all the international people out there. Your friends look fun!

jan in nagasaki said...

yo dude!! great party and thanks for having us over and giving us margaritas. they were yummy and went down soooooooooo goooooooood.

Karen MEG said...

Well happy belated 10th anniversary of your 36th birthday (you KEEEEL me, you're so funny!). What an awesome celebration, and your boys are so adorable.

And that is one mighty honkin' jug o' margarita! Great shot of you and your friends!

Cheri said...

Happy Ten-Year Anniversary!