Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Driving a dream....for 57 days

About ten years ago, the K-man and I were driving a really cute little van (it really looked like something flower shop delivery people would use!!!). It was mainly a "utility vehicle" and so, the back seats had no seat belts. Since I was pregnant with Issei, we knew that we needed something, oh, I don't know...safer?!?! :-D

At that time, Nissan had a new car that both of us really, really wanted. It was called a Rasheen and it was strong and sturdy enough to be good for a "family car" (seat belts for all my friends!!!) yet, it was cool enough to So we got one....and for 10 years, this is what we drove...

We loved it!!! We put many a kilometer on it...taxied around many a friend...and just thoroughly enjoyed having this as our mode of transportation.

Sadly....over the past couple of years, the money we spent on repairs was getting to be a bit ridiculous. In February, our shaken or "yearly inspection" was up. Now, in Japan, insurance, tax and whatnot are all included in the shaken. If you have a new have to have this inspection every 2 years. After 10 years, you have to have it every year. Now...that doesn't seem so bad, but.....keeping in mind what one of the main products of Japan the car gets older...the shaken...gets more expensive. Yeah..."they" are financially strong arming encouraging you to buy a new car more often. February, we had to make a decision....our car was 10 years old...the shaken was going to cost us about 100,000 yen (approx. $1,000) plus....there was a problem with the front right tire that, even though we could still drive the car safely....the inspection would not pass because of this problem. To fix it, would have cost us about 80,000 yen ($800). The K-man and I had decided to "bit the bullet" and go ahead and pay the big yen....then spend the next year trying to find a car that we could buy, next year.

But....the Gods and good karma were on our side and things changed....for the better.

Tomorrow....we will go and pick up our new, yet used car. It's not quite as "cool" as the Rasheen, but...we got a super sweet deal...yeah...., I'm going to look like I'm driving a "business man's car" big deal...I have some great bumper stickers and have an idea for some seat covers that are going to be good.

This....will be our car from tomorrow.... It's a Toyota Corolla...ours is white...and it has an awesome sound system, TV and navigational system. I can handle this for a while.

So, what have I been driving for the last 57 days, you may be make a long (and pretty boring, I'm sure) story short....a very good oh my God, if I could give her a lung or kidney or something vitally important that she needed, I would friend and her husband have let us borrow this.....

Oh, yeah....I'm going to have a very difficult time handing over the keys to that baby tomorrow. My "dream car" (that little yellow car up in the top right corner of this blog...see it?!) is one that is possible ...I will someday have one of those Beetles. But....a Mercedes....not in this lifetime...or two or three other lifetimes for that matter...will we be able to afford one of these!!! I have had so much fun....the power that thing has is unbelievable!!! A person just feels better sitting your butt in those really comfy seats...looking down on most of the other vehicles on the road. The K-man was vrrrry impressed with the Bose sound system!!! And the boys have said that any car we get must have a sunroof!!!

My friend has said that since no one really drives that car (CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?!?!), if I need to borrow it any time, I am more than if guests come from, oh I don't know, say, America...I can borrow it to take my friends around. (I'm just saying...ya know...if anyone wants to come for a visit or anything....!)


Oh.....I never did find that Margarita salt-thingy I was looking for the other I did a search and actually, it is called a "Margarita Salt Sombrero".......

Definitely something that the "serious margarita drinker" needs to have in her kitchen....and I know I have one somewhere....I just have to keep looking!!!


Claudia said...

Congrats. on the new vehicle!!! I'm right behind you in the new car purchase, my dear and beloved truck is no longer withstanding the test of time. Le sigh. If wheels could talk. :)

Mary Alice said...

getting a new car is always exciting.

BTW couldn't you make do using sea salt and a old fashioned glass citrus juicer? Just toss the salt in the juice ring and dip the edges of the glass in it.

You know one of these you have one?

Cheri said...

I do want to come and visit you, but not for the Mercedes. ;-) Congratulations on your new wheels.

dkuroiwa said...

@Claudia...thanks and thank goodness cars DON"T talk...there would be trouble from waaay back from a few!! *wink wink*

@Mary Alice...funny you should mention that...I have actually used the plastic juicer...and regular works, so does just putting the salt in a saucer... but the "sombrero" is just...just...more festive and with the "moment"!!! :-D'll be here...when?? Anytime is good for me!!! :-)

Karen MEG said...

Having a new car is great... you'll get great mileage out of it, ian had a Corolla for years, the body of it went out before the engine. He loved that car.

And whoot on the Benz; nice friends you got there Debbie ;)

Leeann said...

That sure *is* a sweet car you were borrowing....made all the better for not having the car note! :-)

Congrats on your new-used car!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My stepsister has a Mercedes. I have serious car envy. But any new car is always fun.

Grandy said...

Congrats on the new car! You'll like it I think...although it's not our beetle.

Hey! I have an award over at my blog for you, when you get a chance come take it.

katydidnot said...

that blue car is fabulous. seriously great. the new one will develop it's own personality and place in your hearts too. i hate my car.