Thursday, April 10, 2008 you think our children know we might be crazy??

Issei: long does Easter last?

Mom: .....hmmmmm...usually only one day.....why?

Issei: Are we going to take the Easter Tree down?


Issei: I really like it....but the peach flowers are blowing all over the genkan ("entranceway"...and it's his job to make sure the genkan is clean and shoes straightened.).

Mom: Well....Mommy really likes Easter and the eggs are so pretty...why don't we leave them up for a few more weeks days?

Issei: Okay.

I wonder why no one has mentioned THIS hanging on the door to the kitchen (from the genkan)?!?!?!?!

My kids are going to be so confused when it comes to Western holidays and decorations!! I keep telling myself that it would be different if we lived in the States....but, here, there is no one to tell the boys that a particular season or holiday has passed and the decorations really should have been put away days/weeks/months ago!!! Maybe this weekend....maybe.


Anna said...

I absolutely love the "Easter Tree!" it's just so darn festive!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Or maybe not?!

Family Adventure said...

You have the power to make Christmas last forever. My kids would love to live in your house!

Heidi :)

Mary Alice said...

Ummm Oops, darn is that wreath STILL up?? I'm thinking about just not putting them up next year at's all such a pain to put way. I think I will just focus solely on the food and some artfully arranged candles!

Ginaagain said...

What is wrong with a little touch of Christmas year-round? I love the Easter tree and it doesn't look like it's done blooming. Tell that boy that sweeping up petals is a small price to pay for a happy Mom.

Taylor said...

All kids love it when holiday's last forever (Something SOME Mom's should take to heart, instead of putting the Christmas decorations away two weeks after X-mas! Just kidding, Mom.=]) I, personally, love the army of nutcrackers that watch over us from over the TV for X-Mas, but they are a little weird after X-mas, so I normally complain just while Mom's putting away the decorations. =] Keep that tree up as long as you want, Debbie. =]

Taylor said...

Hey Debbie. I gots a question for ya.

One o' my friends said that Japanese scary movies are like rated R in America times 7.

So I just wanted to ask you if that's true or not. Wow. I'm typing with one handcuz I'm still on the phone with that friend. Ok well, bye!

Peggy Sez.. said...

No problem...I'm from the south and some of us NEVER take our christmas stuff down...It's just more festive that way. ;p

pam said...

What kind of basket is next to the Easter tree? It looks made of vines. Very cool looking.

Leeann said...

I'm right there with you. I just took the sled off the front door that says "Let it snow!" last week.
How do you spell lazy and clueless?