Saturday, April 19, 2008

No...not yet...just getting prepared!! Have put a red hat "on hold"!

While my computer went on a holiday, I received a buttload ton messages and am just now getting around to carefully deleting, but not yours!! going through them. Tonight, I came across an incredibly funny video from YouTube that my mom's friend, Karen sent and I thought that I would share this. (and if you happen to be a reader of the 'man person' type, then I'm sure you know someone who will think this is funny....or maybe she won''s your chance to take!!!)

I am soon to be celebrating a birthday....and though I'm not sad or depressed about the birthday's the number I'm not too terribly thrilled with at the moment.

I've had some birthdays that really weren't the best of celebrations....take for example, my 30th....I had been in Japan for about 9 months...and having hated the first 8 of those months, the thought of turning 30 was. just. the. freaking. icing. on. the. cake. Here I was, in a country that I wasn't really sure I liked, not able to communicate with people on a daily basis, and I was alone. Oh, I had friends, but....being single at that point in my life, just pretty much sucked.

Birthdays after that were pretty good....I got a good job, met the K-man and things were definitely on the up-swing. My 35th birthday was was the number!!

I remember being in high school and seeing people coming home for reunions and such, that were probably in their 30's, and I remember thinking that they were sooooo old! And forward...really fast....and there I was, same age, and thinking that 35 wasn't old...I could wear those short, shorts and skimpy shirt!!! "Silly high school kids!!"

#40 was probably one of the hardest birthdays I have had so far. When "younger Debbie" made that list of "Things I want to do before I die".....I can guarandamntee you that "turn 40 AND be 6 months pregnant" was NOT on that list!!! fun for Li'l Debbie that birthday!

Last year, next to my 16th and 18th birthdays, was probably one of the best. I realized (much thanks to the subscription to More magazine..."for women over 40") that 45 was a good age. The number didn't even bother me. I had a party here that the neighbors are still talking about!!! (It was a "hula" themed party....everyone came dressed appropriately...and we danced...and sang...and ate...and it was an incredibly wonderful day!!)

But this year, for some reason 46 is making me a bit cranky!! Maybe it's just the cold that I have... the fact that I can't freaking breathe out of my nose is not helping the situation AT ALL...or just a combination of all that, plus a busier than busy schedule. I'm sure I'll get over's really just a number isn't it??!!

So...when I opened up this video...I laughed....really loud. I haven't (she typed, searching for some wood to knock, knowing from past experience that this probably won't work but will do it anyway) started any of this next stage of my life....but, I know I will.....AND I know I am not alone in this....laugh....and then mark it as a "Favorite" 'cause you just might wanna watch it a few more times!!!

Enjoy!! (and thanks Karen!!!)

(not really sure WHAT the picture is supposed to be on this first part of the video...just click "play" gets better!!!!)


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't even want to think about it.

Cheri said...

I do not see a video or link to a video, but that might be because I'm 47 now. Meanwhile, I did find the post from my 46th birthday for you, to help you prepare for yours.


dkuroiwa said...

It seems that some cannot see the video...if that is is the link:
NOW...go and check it out!!!
Oh and by the way.....i'm feeling a bit better today (saturday evening)...will post tonight!!!
have a good day!!!

Karen MEG said...

Debbie, hope that nasty cold is going away, especially in time for your birthday.

It's funny, reading your run down of your birthdays. I found my 30th was a lot more hard on me too, than when I turned 40. I think when I turned the big 4-0 I was in a bit of that "baby-bubble" - just happy to get an evening out with the hubby and being able to drink without guilt (still nursing!). The one thing I find about having young children in your 40s is that it forces you to feel (or in my case ACT) younger than you are. I just wish my body would keep up!

Mind you, one of my friends started a Facebook group for our -gulp-25th year high school reunion!!!! Madness!

You gotta remember that age is just a number. You come across in your writing as being so young, fun and cool. The number is one thing... how you live it, is another.

And a hula party - wow!!
That video, hilarious, but I don't think I can watch it a 2nd time ;)

A happy birthday to you in advance, bloggy girlfriend!