Sunday, April 13, 2008

No...really...well..okay...just one more and I'm done...maybe

When my "computer guru" closed up his bag of tools and tricks last week and told me that my computer was up and running...and running much faster than before...he failed to remember that, oh, I don't audio program might be important!!!

This has been one of those cases of "you don't know how much you need/rely on something until it's gone" kind of things. Believe me....YouTube is NOT the same, folks!! My sister sent me a really sexy pretty video to was from Nip & Tuck and Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy...even without the music it was hawt....the sound could only make it steamier.....but....I'm sure the music I had in my head was waaaaay different than what was really playing!!! Needless to say....I'm trying to stay away from that particular "black hole" of websites. ("I found myself there and I. just.couldn't.get.out.") least until I get some sound!!!

So what do I do? Do I read my backlog of blogs that are waiting to be read? Turn the computer off and clean my room? Cook dinner? Reacquaint myself with my children?, but it wasn't my best effort...and for a little bit (the weather is nice so they are outside playing).

What I did find was a little site called blog things (thanks Grandy and Ms. Teacher and a few others!!!) and I have put it at #2 on my list of "black hole" websites!! this site are just a bunch of quizzes...they don't take long...and you can find out such interesting things about yourself in a matter of minutes.

For example.....I found out that....

Kirk Cameron was my "80's Hunk"

My "Adult Film Star Name" is Nurse Naughty my Japanese "Smiley" symbol...look...I'm winking at you!!

I am 'Bud Light'

47% of my brain is cluttered (it seems that I need to let go of petty worries and concerns....DuH!!)

My "Hillbilly Name" is 'Lil Dolly Rambler

I am "Chunky Monkey" ice cream

(seriously...some of these are just a bit too's kind of scary!!)

and finally....

My "Girl Smell" (??) is Key Lime

So....go...if you have a few minutes or if you are bored or for some reason you are only able to use one arm...check out some of the quizzes....let me know what you found out.....I'm going now to see what Obama has done for me today!!!(Thanks Mrs. Blogoway....I just keep going back). That is a really funny website that changes every time you go there. For example, today, he "smiled when he heard me mention your name" and "he remembered my birthday"!!!

So go...go'll only take a few minutes...or 20!!! :-D (Depends on how much self-control you have!!!)


Karen MEG said...

I have been sucked onto that site usually only if I see that someone's done a blogthing... but I don't linger, because honestly, i could do those things all day!

I think i ended up with Kirk too, but I SOOOOOO could not stand him during the time he was popular. didn't do much for me at all. Funny,that!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

How would I be able to go on without knowing that I am Cilantro?!

Family Adventure said...

I've been there, too. I am in awe of the things they think up. I mean, who sits and figures out what dog I am, or my adult film star name. Honestly! It boggles the mind!

But the audio - Must.Get.Fixed.

Happy Sunday! Heidi :)

Taylor said...

O. M. G.

Another quiz website??????????????

If this is as good as the one I've been going to, or, worse, BETTER then the site,than a bomb will be set off(In my head!)!!! I've spent hours on end, just doing different quizzes. And I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except when they tell me to give out my email address or cellular device #. (Oh and those *name generator* or whatever ones, they're just random. If you do them twice, they're different.) =] thank you for the site!!!

Cheri said...

Ahem! If you are only able to use one arm? Are you talkin' 'bout me? Are you?

Poor thing with no audio. Are there no closed-captioned YouTubes?

Claudia said...

Girl smell. * giggle-snirk * You know I have to take that one now myself. :)