Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just a bunch of stuff....and some bloggy-love for someone...

Monday was the first day of 5th grade for Issei. After an incredibly wonderful spring filled weekend, we woke up to really crappy, rainy, wet weather. Issei was NOT a happy camper! The school isn't that far away and usually takes about 5 minutes to walk there, but...when it is a downpour and the wind is blowing, it seems much longer.

As he was about to leave, I took a picture of him with my cell's kind of blurry because the lens was fogged over....that's the kind of day it was!!!

He doesn't look too terribly unhappy, does he?!?!

As he was turning around to walk down the sidewalk, I asked him if he wanted to take a boat...not missing a beat and not turning around to look at me...... he used his umbrella and pretended to be rowing!

What a card....I'm so proud!!!


Finally....I could find where the computer hid the picture!!

Clockwise, from the top left....there was a very small shu creme ("cream puff",Yeah...sounds like "shoe cream"..very confusing when I first got here, people asking me if I liked them...."WHAT??"!!!), a gulp of coffee, some incredible fruit sherbet with a stick of chocolate, Then a powdered-sugar dusted strawberry and piece of mango, then a ma-cha mousse ("green tea" mousse) with a dollop of whipped cream and a steamed apple slice with cinnamon, then finally...a very, very tiny piece of some kind of really moist lemony cake.

It was all quite lovely...and the sherbet was by far THE best thing on the plate!! The whole dinner was presented in much of the same way...with cherry blossoms and other fresh flowers. This was not a place that I would normally have gone to (there are so many other really good places here in town....especially one tofu place that is at the top of my list!!!), is a famous restaurant and it WAS beautiful and quite a nice place to say "Sayonara" to a good friend who is going to Scotland for a year to study English and bagpipes!!!

And then there I the middle of the botanical gardens...and me...without a red pen!!!


Yes....I am accustomed to seeing this kind of mistake in oh so many places...and doesn't bother me quite as much as it used's just....If I see this kind of mistake at a "mom and pop" kind of place...I just "yeah...that's funny" and go on....But...this particular park is a prefecture a state park.....You canNOT tell me that, when they made this sign there wasn't ONE foreigner, even someone walking down the street, who could check the English before it went to the printer!!!

Someday....I'm going to have some stickers made up that say "This English is wrong....Call Me!!" (and include my phone number, of course!!) and just stick them where I see the mistakes!!! I'll need to order those stickers in bulk!!!


The other day, my friend Jenn bestowed upon me an award and after reading blogs last night, I found the first person I want to send this to.

Gina.....this one is for you!!!

If you are a reader that was with me in February, you might remember that I joined a group of women in a "blog everyday in February" kind of challenge....and Gina was the instigator of that. I'm not sure how I came to find her (possibly another Derfwad connection!), but I am oh so glad that I did!!! Before the "February Blogging Frenzy", I was not really doing much posting...and Gina's challenge was just what I needed....and we know how I hate to pass up a challenge!!! I'm not a writer, by any stretch of the imagination....but, having to come up with something to post about went easier as the month went by and I found myself at different moments of a day making notes because I had thought of a possible post.

Gina...IS a writer. I love reading her posts. She has a great way of looking at life and all that comes with. Also...with Gina, comes her daughter Taylor...a very fun and interesting young's refreshing to get a 12-year-old's view on things!!! Aaaannndddd....Gina was one of the first people who offered to send me Girl Scout Cookies!!! (Package coming your direction is almost ready to go!!!) I was extremely sons were too....even the K-man had to admit that the GSs do some damn good cookies....oh...and about65 of my students want to know if we can just order them next year!!!)

So...Gina....thank you for being a good "blogging friend".

We blog because we can...we read what we want...we support those we read....we laugh...we cry...we sometimes get angry...all in all...this blogging world is a great place!!

And now.....I'm thinking of another person to give this to....hmmmmm.....but will do so later!! Time to do some actual work tonight!!

Y'all have a good one!!


Ginaagain said...

Oh Debbie, you are so sweet! Thank you very much for your kind words and this cool award.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'll be over to check out Gina's blog.

What a beautiful dessert platter.

Mrs. G. said...

Gina is a peach. Good choice. I want some of that sherbert.

Family Adventure said...

What perfect timing for that award going to Gina. :)

And as for those So pretty!!!!

And your big boy is just gorgeous. And not at all sad, as far as I can tell. BTW, do you speak Japanese or English with your boys?


Karen MEG said...

Gina is the perfect person to give this award to. I think I found you through her ... she's a great lady, and bloggy friend too.

Congrats on your cute little guy going to Grade 5!

That platter looks too pretty to eat!

Leeann said...

Gina totally rocks! She's been my buddy for nearly TEN years now! My Chris and her Delaney are "October babies" together.

Congratulations, Gina! :-)

Good choice, Debbie!