Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Winter Poem

From the reports I've been getting and the e-mails received, it seems that winter has decided to come out and join us again. Even here in Japan, it has gotten colder. Though I doubt it will snow very much, if at all, here in Nagasaki, it sure does seem cold enough. And as the insides of our houses are sometimes not much warmer than the outside....many of us are praying for an early and warm spring. Shall we blame that damned groundhog for the cold snap?!?
I know I prefer the cold weather to the heat and humidity we have I try to keep my snarky comments about the weather to a minimum. (Is snarky even a word or something I just think is a word?) :-D
Anyway....My sister from another mister very good friend, Dena who lives in Denver sent this to me and I thought I would share it with you.

I found this beautiful winter poem and thought it might be a comfort to you.
It was to me. It's very well written and I hope that you enjoy it too.

" WINTER " by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

Shit It's Cold
The End

Stay warm everyone. Spring will come soon and then it will be summer and we can
complain about how hot it is!!!


Mrs. G. said...

Stay snuggly and warm and safe!

ElPato said...

I figured it would be harder to deal with Bush from overseas? Yes! It is Willie Nelson!

Anonymous said...

Loved the poem...wish I had written it...been in my thoughts so many times just never put pen to papaer to express such lovely words. Shellie

Mary Alice said...