Friday, February 22, 2008

Where I come from...

Today's post is in response to our fearless leader's Gina's request in our challenge to post something to our blogs everyday in the month of February. In previous posts those of us involved in this endeavor, have posted about whatever tickled our fancies, so to speak. But...this week...Gina gave us an "assignment":

"This week I want to do something a little different. I would like to encourage you to share more about where you are from... where you are living now or, if that really doesn't excite you, then perhaps something about where you grew up. We are a diverse group from all over the world and I think this will be a fascinating assignment."

And so....I give you a bit of my hometown along with some pictures to help the story along. Come on...let's take a look.....

My hometown is a very small town on the prairies of Colorado. I'm not sure exactly how many people live there, (my friend Susan, the County Treasurer could help with that!!) but...if I were to take a guess, then... maybe no more than 2,000...maybe.

It's kind of funny, not in a "hahaha" kind of way, but more in a "hmmmm" way of thinking that, when I was 18, many of the things about my hometown that I didn't like and wanted to "escape" are now the things that draw me back home as often as I can get there.

Take any road out of the town in any direction....and this is what you will see.

It is flat. There are few trees. Very few cars are on the road with you, but when you meet someone, that driver will give you a wave...doesn't matter that you if know them or not ...that's just what you do.

This is looking up Main Street. There are no traffic lights. There is really only one main road of shopping....and this is it. When I was in high school, every Friday and Saturday night was spent "dragging Main". Oh, the miles I put on my VW...or my friends cars!! We would spend the whole night just going up....and then...down...up...and down....honking at people as we met them...sometimes stopping at the Napa parking lot or the grocery store parking lot to get out and talk to friends, sometimes just parking our cars and then getting in with others to go riding around.

Every August, there is the county Fair and Rodeo. On the Saturday of this event, there is always a parade. It used to be down Main Street, but since there is so much traffic going through, they decided to move it a couple of streets over. We are a patriotic town...and always leading the parade, on horses, will be the Colorado State flag and the US Flag.

As my Mom's house is on the street of the parade, her front yard is a gathering place for family and friends.(She's the one in the yellow t-shirt, by the way.) We set up saw horses so people can't park in front (that would make it so we can't see!!) and bring out the lawn chairs. There is always cold tea and if you're lucky...a cold beer!! (As it does get incredibly hot and is oh so very dry here, a cold beer is just what you need on a day like this!!!)

Again with that blue sky.....and flatness. I used to dream of being in the mountains or just somewhere that had buildings or something on the horizon!! Now....I dream about sitting on my Grandad's old swing on the farm, just listening to the wind (always wind a 'blowin'!) and sometimes catching the singing of a bird or two...the wind blowing through the grass or, even better...blowing through the wheat is a sound this is just pretty close of Heaven.


Karen MEG said...

Thanks for sharing that Debbie, you captured your hometown feel so well! It's so different from where you are now! Do you get to go *home* often?

Anyway, that was a very enjoyable read about your home. Have a great weekend!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Great post. And, my son got his acceptance letter to Colorado State Fort Collins today, so I'll get to spend some time in the vicinity of your old stomping grounds soon.

Nancy said...

Really enjoyed reading about your hometown in Colorado.I grew up in a big city but now live in a small rural town(population 10,000) in the mountains of West Virginia.Isn't it amazing how our lives change.I do appreciate living in a small town now that I am older and settled.