Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There's something...about to happen....don't worry, you have time to prepare

In my 'almost' 17 years (*gasp*) here in Japan, I have become accustomed to "doing without" when it comes to certain items that most Americans pretty much take for granted. Or I have learned to make a "fake" product....my Ranch dressing has taken me a few years to perfect, but I have come pretty damn close to the real thing. I have also re-learned how to bake...all my cakes and other goodies are all....homemade. Betty Crocker does not come in a box here and when she does, you have to special order her and she's not cheap!! (Unless you have a connection to a military base, and even then, those connections are not forever!!)

Though I can't buy my favorite Reece's Peanut Butter Cups (I know!! Crazy, huh?!?!) I can get a Snickers or M&Ms. I can also get Pringles, Doritos, and various salsas and Mexican spices. What I can't get...again, I can try to imitate.

Except for one thing........Girl Scout Cookies!!
I'm not sure what they put in their cookies, but they cannot be copied. Oh...I can come up with a mean peanut butter cookie, but....it's just not the same!

It is the middle of February. The mad selling season is soon upon us. It's time to get ready for those demented little cookie fiends precious little scouts to come knocking on your door, pleading for you to buy those 35 boxes she needs to win a prize!!!

Yes, I know it's early. But, in the spirit of friendship, I would just like to let Mom, Lila, Susan, Cheryl, Dena, Trenda* someone know how much I really do miss those once-a-year cookies. (And as Cheryl proved a couple years ago...they do freeze quite nicely...even up to 5 months!!)

And just in case, so as to avoid any confusion, and if someone wanted to purchase a box or two...any of the following would not be purchased in vain.

**What happened to the names? "Samoas"...."Do-Si-Dos"??? Those names sound a bit more yummy, don't you think?!?!

(Oh My Goodness!!! I just realized the possiblity of something.....LAUREN!!! Is Aida a Scout?!?!?! :-D)

So...dear friends....no pressure...I'm just following "The Secret" ideas...you know...I want something...so I put it "out there".....let see what happens.

I hope I'm happy with how things turn out!!!

**Images borrowed from Indexed and The Girl Scouts of America.


Grandy said...

I've never shipped anything to Japan...AND I think somehow me & hubby both ordered tons. Are you getting my hint? email me and lemme know how to get some to you!! ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You're making me flashback to the year my daughter sold 318 boxes, and they arrived a week after I had my youngest son. I would have gladly shipped you all 318 boxes that year!

You're not the only one that's looking for Girl Scout cookies apparently!