Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday...Sunday...naaa na na na na na....

Today started out to be such an incredibly relaxing day....and then I got out of my futon!!! (Granted, I did get to sleep until about 9:30, which was great!!!). After I stumbled into the kitchen to get the coffee started, the boys started in on "Can we play our DS?" and "Can we go out now?" and, my personal favorite "Wow! You slept a long time....can we have some breakfast?" that's how today is going to be, huh?
(I can see this as being a 2 or 3-pot of coffee kind of day already.)

(I have this sitting in my kitchen and some Japanese friends came over the other day and when they read it...I could see them really thinking about
and...they got it!!! I know that humor in another language is probably the most difficult to understand, but "mother humor" is sometimes universal!!!!

Probably one of the highlights of the day came when the doorbell rang as I was on my way out to hang out my third load of laundry....when I opened the door, there stood...maybe...10 little boys of varying ages and heights, asking for Issei and Koji to go and play.
In that group, is one of my favorite of Issei's friends....except, he is a bit of an Eddie Haskell. (Remember on Leave it to Beaver, Wally's friend that was such a suck up!!)
Anyway....Tsubasa (Issei's Eddie) was in the group and as I was making my way through the obstacle course of little bodies to get outside, here is the conversation he and I had:

**And please, keep in mind that this was all in Japanese, so I'm translating the best I can.**

Tsubasa: Good afternoon, Mrs. Kuroiwa. How are you?

Me: I'm fine, Tsubasa. How are you? It's cold today...I'm glad to see you wearing a coat.

Tsubasa: I'm feeling good and yes, my mother told me to wear the coat today...I'm a little warm, but......

Me: You are a good boy.

Tsubasa. Yes, I am. Are you doing laundry?

Me: (Really fighting the urge to say "Duh" as I have a basket of clothes in my hand.) Yes, I am.

Tsubasa: It's a really good day for laundry...I don't think it will rain. By the way.....I have a watch today.

Me: (??) Good for you.....

Tsubasa: Yes, so please tell me what time you want Issei back and I'll tell him when it's time. You got angry last time when he came back late.

Me: Why thank you, Tsubasa. That's very nice of you.

Tsubasa: Yes, it is.

Yes...another thing that is universal....the one friend that sucks up to Mom...gotta love it!!!

After the boys and their entourage left to parts unknown around the neighborhood, I decided that I would try to make some curtains for our bathroom. Our broken dryer is no longer with us, which leaves us with a window that you can now see very well and we needed something...just looks too bare.
So...I got out the sewing machine (yes, I have one!! AND I know how to use it!!! Ican hear people I went to high school with just snickering!!!) and proceeded to make something....not good enough to actually be called curtains, so let's just say "window coverings".

They aren't the best I could possibly do, but since I used what I had and just sort of threw them together, they will do until I can get to the fabric store and get some good material.

The picture is kind of fuzzy, can get the drift!!!

And that, my friends is a new (to us) but actually not so new washing machine. We got it from some friends who are leaving Japan soon and really needed to get rid of theirs.
It is bigger than our older one...this one will wash 10 kilos...yeah, yeah, yeah....I's small...but for here, it's actually one of the bigger ones!!!'s really...really....quiet.....and it has some things on it, I'm still not sure what it does.

It's kind of an adventure whenever I throw something in there to wash!!! :-D that I slept so long last night....I'm probably not going to sleep anytime soon...but, I should probably get some work done for tomorrow!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. My Sunday is over here...but you all have a good one!!!


Karen MEG said...

Can I tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog already?
That was such a great description of your day so far, and I TOTALLY pictured that exchange with your little "Eddie Haskell" LMAO!!!
I'm doing the laundry, blogging, staring-at-the-dishes, avoiding work-work thing right now. We've got a new stat holiday tomorrow, so I don't want to waste that doing all of the above.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

ms-teacher said...

That is one of the nice things about having older kids. One, they tend to sleep in later than me and two, even if they do manage to get up before me, they can now fix their own breakfast.

A hint, however, for you. Middle child used to get up at that buttcrack of dawn when he was much younger. So, before going to bed, I would pour a cup of milk out for him (putting it back into the fridge) and then have a bowl with a spoon. I would also pour cereal into a baggy. When he got up, he could fix his own breakfast, watch cartoons, and/or play with his toys until I (or his dad) got up.

He loved the independence and I loved being able to sleep in.

Grandy said...

Nice curtains!! When loading the laundry, you can be mesmerized by the print. ;)

All kidding aside, it doesn't sound like it was too stressful of a day. Yeah you!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think the "window covering" looks great.

You've definitely gotta watch the Eddie Haskells--in any country.

Nancy said...

Could just about hear Eddie Haskell talking to Mrs.Cleaver when your son's friend was talking to you.Did your son manage to get home in time thanks to the friend's watch?

I am really enjoying your blog.