Saturday, February 16, 2008

For want of a better post...just a post......

As days go, today was a really good day. But, tonight, as I was in the bath, there was an incredible sssssiiiiiiggggghhhhhh that was released from my body.
"What the heck was that for?", I thought to myself. Sure, I'm usually pretty tired at the end of each and every day, but....this...was more than usual.

I'm a person that is more often than not, "up"...or naturally "genki", as the Japanese would say...energetic. I explained to my husband a few years ago, that our jobs were so completely different. A teacher's job, on an emotional level, is different from most others.

Let me explain....I am an English conversation teacher. I do not work in one particular school. I am what they call over here an "achi-kochi sensei"....(a here and there teacher). I work in community centers, I go to houses for private and small group lessons, I have a couple of classes that are actually in language schools, and one or two classes come to my home. Whenever I walk into a classroom, whether there are 4 students or 25, I am expected to be "genki". And I am.
But....after a day like Monday, for example (3 classes--2--2 hours, 1--90 minutes...every minute "genki"!!!), and this in an average day, I'm pretty tired. I do my classes in during the day.......THEN...I go grocery shopping, pick up "littlest one" at the daycare, drive to pick up "oldest one" at the after school program, go home and cook dinner, clean up kitchen while boys are taking bath, get the boys ready for bed, THEN I can get my bath and after that it is MY time to do computer and Internet and get ready for the next start all over again.

I'm okay with this for a while, but after about 3 or 4 weeks or body and my psyche say..."Enough!!" And I sleep. In an average night, I sleep about 4 or 5 hours....on a night like tonight...I will probably sleep about 10, if the boys let me I'm lucky. I only need one night, and then I am ready to "seize the day" again with the best of 'em.

Today, I spent the morning doing laundry and trying to get the house ready for some students that were coming this afternoon for a lesson. It's a "mama/baby" class, so there are some little ones and I like to make sure that the floor is picked up enough that no one will see something really cool and want to eat that thing, thus taking choking out of the day's scenario. So, I try to clean the house really well.
Then, for some reason, I thought that, well....a pineapple-upside-down cake would be really good to have with our tea this afternoon. So I made one. (It was delicious, by the way!!!)
After the class left, about 4:30.....I still had to make dinner and all that other stuff mentioned before.

And so...that brings me to the bath and the "sigh"....(see, we were coming back to that...were you worried?!) I'm going to bed's still kind of early for me....not quite midnight, thinks I will sleep well tonight....and a rejuvenating slumber is what I need.
So....good night to you all.....
oh....and I will leave with one more "George".......the man just has so many faces, doesn't he?
And though the others are all 'zexy' and stuff, I think this one is in my "top 5 pictures of George"....There's just something about him........ya gotta love a man in flannel!!!

Good night everyone....sweet, yummy dreams.

**Wow...I just re-read what I typed and I think I mights have rambled a bit...oh well...I type like a talk!! :-D And sometimes, a little "rambling" just happens!!! See you tomorrow!!


Ginaagain said...

It was a good post... not rambly at all! Your job sounds exhausting though.

Mrs. G. said...

All your George photos are going to give me sweeter dreams. Have a nice weekend.

katydidnot said...

here and there teacher is just the best job title i've ever heard.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

4 to 5 hours of sleep a night? I would consider that tantamount to torture!

Happy rest!

Grandy said...

Ha!! Love the pic of George (and I know what movie it's from). Hope you got some rest...oh wait, I read the follow up post and it sounds like you did!! :)

Nancy said...

Is the George picture from Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
I love bluegrass music so have enjoyed the sountrack quite a bit.