Friday, February 22, 2008

Whenever I go "home", I know I will spend the majority of time, not only with the many, many family members I have...but also...the friends. Some of my best friends, ever, are here. Seeing them again is always so refreshing. They help me remember who "Debbie" really is!!

I also know that every 5 years, those of us who graduated together will meet for a reunion (as do all classes from my high school....I think that the Class of '45 might have been the oldest group the year we had ours!!) It is tradition for the class members who are there to jump on the back of a truck or whatever and join the parade. The last reunion, someone got the crazy idea to have water guns....I think they were "outlawed" by the parade "police" after that!!! (I'm in the sun visor, waving my hand and water gun!!)

Being "home" means having "patio time" Mom's patio is perfect for this. Whether it's a small group or a large one, you can count on it always being fun. Whenever I think about the times with family and friends, out on that patio, protected from the the outside world, so to speak, by the fence and trees...I think of laughter...and talking....and more laughter. These are the times that are most special to me. Sometimes, in the morning, my Mom and I will sit out here in our pajamas, drinking coffee and just talking. These are the moments I treasure the most.

My hometown is a place where a father and his 4 sons can build a fort in the backyard...together. It may take a while, but that doesn't takes time to do something right. Here is a place where, sure, people are busy, is important...building that fort will be something they remember forever. In my hometown, relationships between family and friends are strong...bonds are made that are very rarely broken.

My hometown is also a place where little boys (and girls!) can run around Grandma's yard without a shirt, or even pants, for that matter....where being barefoot is a given.

It's a place for memories....

It's a good place.


katydidnot said...

"run around Grandma's yard without a shirt, or even pants, for that matter"

totally makes me miss my mom.

Anonymous said...

Deb...I can only imagine the emotions that were flowing as you wrote this. I know as I sat and read it, I teared up. I am only 80 miles away and get home a least every couple months. Makes me miss you and all that even more. Lots of them all. Looking forward to your next visit and creating new ones. Luv Ya Shellie

Cheri said...

Trampolines, adirondack chairs, and bare feet! I'm there.

Ginaagain said...

Oh thank you Debbie! That was a wonderful, heart-felt post. I lived in a town like that in South Dakota for a few years. It was the best.

mrs. blogoway said...

I loved hearing about your home town. It sounds great and I get what you mean about appreciating everything you thought you didn't want when you were younger.

I used to think people don't really change but as I mature, I can see that they really do. I know that I'm quite different now.