Friday, February 15, 2008

Again already with the "Friday Feast" substitutions....

Well, well,'s time again to try and find something to use for the weekly feast-a-rama!! And since the "Friday Feast" is still not functioning...or at least it isn't right now....I guess I need to go out and find a set of questions to steal borrow from someone!

Thanks goodness my new good friend Grandy over at had a list of questions in a meme that she even gave permission for anyone to use.....and I am now "anyone"!!! (Thanks Grandy!!!)

(and if "anyone", not me this time, can explain how to get a link included without having the whole address right there but instead something like "Grandy's"....please tell me and I would be forever grateful!!)

So....on with this evening's entertainment....a Meme from Grandy:

Name something you do everyday: Laugh!! I read somewhere that laughter was really good for your diet and in helping you lose weight..........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Puh-lease!! If that were true, I would look like this: l

Name 2 things you wish you could learn:
(1.) Kanji...the Chinese characters that are only one part of the 3-part-writing system here in Japan. I try so hard, then....*poof*'s gone. I can survive here without it, but it would make life much, much easier.
(2.) to crochet. One of my students has made some of the most interesting things using macrame jute and other fun yarns and she has tried to teach me....but...I can't. I did teach her the phrase "I'm all thumbs." I'll try again in a few months!!!

Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:
(1.) riding bicycles. In the summer, we would ride all over the county...having adventures along the way. It was great.
(2.) Kool-Aid. When we were kids, we got one of those Kool-Aid pitchers that looked like the Kool-Aid guy (remember the big smile). I love grape and strawberry....though some of the new flavors are really good, too!! I just love a kid with a Kool-Aid mustache!!
(3.) "It's the story....of a lovely lady..." The Brady Bunch!!! A while back, on one of the stations here, they were running episodes of the show....they were great!!! Anytime I see pictures of the actors who played the kids or anyone else from the show, it's like "Aaaaah...I remember that!!!"

4 things you love to eat but rarely do:
(1.) Really good Mexican food. I can get (or even make) some do-able stuff, just doesn't measure up to what I can get in the States....or better yet, in Mexico!!
(2.) Steak. It's hard to justify the cost here and since we don't eat really good steak here very often, my system doesn't handle the beef very well anymore.
(3.) Oreo Cookies. I can get them here, but...I have no control when it comes to an Oreo....kind of like that potato chip commercial...."can't eat just one".
(4.) Crab legs. And I'm talking Alaskan King Crab....not baby ones...but really nice ones that when you pull them out of the shell, you can almost hear the meat *sigh* as the fork gently tugs on it.....oh...and melted butter....lot's of melted butter!!! (Oh! My kingdom for a Joe's CrabShack right now!!!)

Name 5 things/people that make you feel good:
(1.) The people around me. I'm just putting everyone in one family, friends, and especially my students. I'm very lucky to be surrounded by such an incredible group of people!!
(2.) A really good, full-body hug. My friend, Beth's husband Vito is this really tall Brazilian guy, with really long arms and he gives THE best hugs. Sometimes, I just have to borrow him to get a fix!! Thanks, Beth..:-D You are a great bud to share your husband, like that!!! I'm teaching the boys the importance of a good hug!!!
(3.) Seeing certain people's name on an e-mail. I get some really great e-mail messages from some wonderful friends, but there are a few that, when I see who they are from, I just smile. It's a great feeling!
(4.) Dancing hula. I have to admit that even though I only take a class two or three times a month, I pretty much practice almost every night! I love the music, the words, the rhythm...and the movements. I put on my pau skirt, turn the music on and I am transported to "somewhere" else. It's also pretty sexy....when it's done right...and that feels really good!!
(5.) My flannel pajama pants and really old sweatshirt (worn inside out!) that I wear to bed.

Whew! That ended up being longer than I planned...sorry about that!!! Hope it wasnt' too painful to read!!

Have a good Friday....someone go to Chili's or TGIFridays and have a margarita and some Ultimate Nachos for me, please!!! Thanks so much!!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If Vito looks anything like the Brazilian guys I know (my boys' Water Polo coach is Brazilian, and we've hosted Brazilian students), you are lucky your friend shares!

Thanks for the insight into your so-fun personality. If you make it San Diego this summer, we will defnitely have some killer Mexican food! As well as Margaritas, OF COURSE.

Susan C. said...

Just a quick note to let you know I had a great Margarita at Margaritaville in L.V. and drank it on the roof patio overlooking the strip at night. I thought of you and wished you were there. There was a sign in the gift shop "It's 5 0'clock somewhere" (me and Bill's motto) I really wanted but wouldn't fit in my luggage.

Mrs. G. said...

King crab legs and hula dancing? You are my kind of womant.

Mary Alice said...

Hugs are lovely...and hula is fantastic.

mrs. blogoway said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love really great Mexican food, too. You must really miss it. Hope you're having fun.

Grandy said...

Not too long at all!! You did a great job and I enjoyed reading!!