Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"The Adventures of the Cactus Brothers"

Tonight while I was slaving in the kitchen to get dinner on the table, the boys were spread out on said-table, both working very hard themselves drawing some very elaborate pictures....Bob Seger crooning in the background. It was very nice. (And yes, I will admit...I am stuck in the 'late-70's' when it comes to music some days!!)

Anyway...the 5-year-old's drawings were just....kind of...well...I'm not sure what they were. When I asked, he said they were kaiju ("monsters"). Okay.

4th grader was bent over a piece of paper...very diligently drawing something on his paper.

Me: Whatcha drawing? Monsters?
Him: .....*sigh*.......no.
Me: I ask again....whatcha drawing?
Him: There is a contest in this book (pointing to the latest edition of a manga or cartoon book.) They're having a contest to find new characters.
Me: So.....what have you got there?
Him: "The Cactus Brothers". There are three of them. Their names are Dash Needle, Hell Needle (yeah..that's what it translates to!!) and Flying Needle.

Me: So....what's with the Needle name?
Him:.....(rolling eyes and thinking "duh, Mom", yes, I read minds, too!!).....They are cactus...cactus have....needles.

He then proceeded to tell me that they each have different powers and abilities, even though they came from the same "mother cactus". Dash can run really, really fast. Hell is just really mean and nasty (but I'm sure with a very nice heart!). And Flying...does just that...he flies.

So, after dinner, he drew yet another picture of the Cactus Brothers on a postcard along with a short story about them to send to the magazine tomorrow. The deadline is sometime next week....so after we mail the postcard tomorrow....we wait.

Issei really wants to be an artist....or specifically, he wants to illustrate for magazines or work on computer games...at least that's what he said tonight!! His imagination is incredible, so I have no doubt that whatever he does, he will do a great job!

I did ask him about the mother of the Cactus Brothers. Wasn't he going to draw her? And when he did draw her, he should make her really, really pretty with long and soft, yet really strong needles...and she should be really, really nice.

Again with the eye rolling!!



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wouldn't want to meet the Cactus Brothers in a dark alley!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wouldn't want to meet the Cactus Brothers in a dark alley!

Nancy said...

Really enjoyed reading about your son's adventure in creating The Cactus Brothers.He has a great imagination.Hope he does well in the contest.
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Thank you for your comments regarding the pictures of our mountains that I post.We have lived here in the mountains of southern West Virginia for 18 years and I am still in awe of the mountains.I never get tired of the wonderful scenery around us.

Mrs. G. said...

Very clever. My son would love the Cactus Brothers.