Saturday, June 06, 2009

Yeah, it's Saturday's still Friday....somewhere!!

My good friends~~who keep me company during late night blogging.
Does someone want to tell me how 2 bras (just received from Mom!), though the styles are a bit different (one...just a teensy bit more girly than the other) same brand, same size, one of those is waaay bigger than the other?! grrrrrrrrrrr.
I guess this can only mean one thing.
Something that is going to have to be done sometime during the time spent in the States.
I want to say a quick "arrigato" to everyone for the encouragement about my new class that started yesterday. On Thursday night, I slept like crap....thinking of all the things that could go know how that works! Right?
Everything was ready to go before I went to bed....I just needed to do a couple of things in the morning before I left for my first class...but it was all ready and waiting for me when I ran home before running to the next place. (And yes...I do do a lot of running from here to there to waaay over there!! da doo ron ron!)
The place that I rent is just your basic, everyday classroom. Since the theme of the day was "Patio Time", I wanted to add some things that would help with the atmosphere. I figured even a little bit extra would help.
So....I put some desks together...covered them with a tablecloth...added some flowers's not much...but.....I was happy with it!!
Oh you see the flamingo lights....over there...waaay over in the corner?? I have a very short strand of them and will buy more this summer because, honestly...I love 'em!!

Heart-shaped cups for spoons and napkins....and yes, my flamingo teacup doubling as a flower vase.
It was Friday, after all!!!

Five ladies joined the day....we talked (topics ranged from kids to husbands to thong underwear to shopping to overseas travel)...laughed...had some good food (cheese and crackers and some pineapple salsa~~oh yeah baby...good stuff~~ on cream cheese)....and drank some homemade fruit tea (with paper umbrellas, thank you, very much!!).
It was a great day!

After worrying so much the night before, they informed me that I really shouldn't do that anymore because it was fun and they will definitely be joining me again.


This was a good day!!!
But last night....after a class in the morning...the chatting class in the afternoon and then yet another class with my little girly-girl sisters I teach...I could barely drag myself to the grocery store, let alone figure out something creative for dinner. I was exhausted, ya'll!! But after a super-quick pasta dinner (Can I hear an Amen for "super-quick pasta meals"!!), I crashed and burned...on the was all over but the cryin'!!
Hence the Friday post on Saturday.

I hope you all have a great weekend...and may something happen to you that makes you feel really good, just by being there!!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I bet I would love pineapple salsa on cream cheese. Our favorite around here is Chipotle Cranberry sauce over cream cheese served with Wheat Thins. Yum!

smalltownmom said...

They look like they are very happy to be there -- a success!!!

Happy Friday/Saturday!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think you aced the party! Too much worry gives us wrinkles. (I do this all the time for NO reason too)
Love all your flamingo party decorations. A friend just gave me some BEE patio lights. They are too cute!
Take care,

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Your party table is beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

Paida said...

I love that table! I am sure the class was wonderful and I am glad they are coming back!

3rdEyeMuse said...

three cheers to a most excellent looking/sounding Patio Time!!

Sunder said...

Tag, you're it!Open your FIRST photo folder.Now find the TENTH picture.Post that picture on your blog and then tell us the story of the picture!The tag FIVE friends and have them do the same!

PS - Love your blog!!

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

I Love the Table it's Fabulous and those Pink Flamingo Lights!! It looks like a Fun Evening!

Janet said...

I'm so glad it worked out...I knew it would! and I have something perfect for you to use in those classes...when you get back to me on underwear size I'll send them along, well after summer, since you won't be there to get it!