Sunday, June 07, 2009

and then my ovaries did cartwheels.....and other bits of randomness (Part 1)

Yesterday, I had to take some books back to the International Library of English~~books for parents and children~~that is housed at one of the universities here and also one that my good friend, Karen, has been one of the main forces in getting this project off the ground. It's small, but growing and she and her students plan "Storyland" days once a month or so that are just a lot of fun for both kids and parents. I was walking up the sidewalk, I noticed that Karen's brother (with whom I worked for a few years at a high school) and his wife were there with their new (or new to me!) baby daughter. I hadn't seen them for awhile so it was nice to talk with them.

Oh, hell...who am I kidding...I couldn't have cared less about what they have been up to. I was more interested in getting my hands on that baby.
And when I did....swear to God, my ovaries started doing cartwheels.

Then, reality (Thy name is Karen) slapped me (verbally) a couple times and I got things under control and the day continued quite nicely.
But, really.....look at that is the view from my angle:

After they peeled my fingers from her delicate little body gently took her from me, I went on about my day. You got a love a friend who will remind you that really...that baby may be cute, but you really don't want to try for another one (which would probably end up being a boy, anyway!) at your age. Thank God for good friends.

Move over Martha....there's a new inspiration in town.

Have you met Anthea Turner? If you're in the States, you might not have had the chance (I don't know what's on American TV anymore)....I "met" her by accident when I was surfing channels one morning (remember, when I had all that extra free time that I didn't know what to do with?)

I came across her show, The Perfect Housewife, and immediately fell in love.

Now...don't get me wrong...I still do love me some Martha Stewart...but, Martha is just too....unattainable. Her kitchen....her living room....her freakin' garden...all just things I can say " I would love to have the money for that someday!"

But with Anthea....her main goal is to help housewives (and husbands!) take control of their house and be proud of their homes.

The show is a few years old and I'm thinking that it's probably not even on in Britain anymore and really, that is sad. I was learning a lot and getting so many good ideas.

She inspires me....and I have three bags of extra trash for tomorrow morning to prove it!! Her main mantra is "Chuck it!". And believe me...I have been!! It's great!!! Sorry, but Martha never made me feel this good about myself or my house!!

I'm now looking for a book.

(Foreign DVDs don't play in our machines.)
**Because, you KNOW...I've got the pink rubber gloves....and some heels!!**
Every week, she gave a tiara and a 'sceptre of responsibility' (feather duster) to the one person who improved the most and got the most out of spending time with her.....I want my tiara, dammit!!

American Idol.....We are a few weeks behind the actual show (the final will be next Saturday and Sunday) and yeah, I know who won and yeah, I was pretty partial to Adam, but really? Kris? Danny? Are you kidding me? Really? Allison got ripped off (IMHO).
I was cheering for her to make it to the final round....the girl could sing, ya'll!
I probably won't buy an album of Kris's or even Danny's....Adam? Yeah, I might buy his, but Allison's? ('cause you know she's going to make one!)
yeah...I'll buy hers.
She rocks!!

One final note and then I'm done for the night...promise.
I am incredibly white.
Scary, "shouldn't you be followed by 7 little men" kind of white.
Embarrassingly white.
Any thoughts about self-tanning lotions or lotions with self-tanning magic stuff in them??
Really. Please.
I need something because, with the rainy season soon upon us, I see no chances to get to the beach and tanning booths? (Not real sure if we even have tanning booths here.)
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
And I will leave you with this.....a few years ago, when I flew into Denver, I had a couple days to hang out with my BFF Dena and I made an appointment at one of those spray-on tan places.
In the end, it was great and the tan looked awesome, but...the whole time while I was getting it done, I kept laughing because I was remembering this the whole time I was in the booth!!!

Have a good one and I hope you remember something that just makes you kind of chuckle today.


smalltownmom said...

That is one cute baby!

JO said...

Karen is one smart cookie. Seeeeee-riously. This is being spoken by a Mom who (dangerously) held her niece, a baby who was four months old and cuter than all get out - when her son was 11. The ovaries flipped, the Mom went nuts - and was pregnant a month later.
Fast forward six years (next week!) and this mom is facing a Kindergarten Student and a freaking Senior in High School in three short months.

Oh where or where was Karen when I was holding that precious little baby six years ago.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I like the Jergen's self-tanners.

There is nothing like a baby that goes back to its parents at the end of the day. That's why grandchildren will be so great someday.

Cid said...

Fantastic post - a little something for everyone. I know what you mean about babies. I can't get enough of my cousins 4 month old and lucky me, my sister is due in August so I can have her's whenever the mood swing strikes. My boys are so grown up now I love a little one who doesn't talk back, as long as he/she is one I can give back when the crying starts.

Helena said...

Arrrgghhh,I can't stand Anthea Turner! She used to be a well-respected tv-presenter in the UK until she married Grant Bovey (he was married with three kids when they met so lots of negative press) and then they sold their wedding pics to a magazine and this is the photo that was put on the front page.. a chocolate add!

I didn't know she did Perfect Housewife stuff now.
It's probably a good thing that you didn't know the "history" so you never judged her. Her perfect housewife stuff is probably just that.. perfect.

Jason, as himself said...

I wish I knew how to get a SAFE tan that doesn't look orange, and that doesn't cost a bazillion dollars.

Why is it so important to me? I don't know. I guess I think I look better slightly tan than pasty white. But why do I think that? The media?

3rdEyeMuse said...

hehe ... thanks for the funny reminder. :)

dkuroiwa said...

HELENA!! aarrrrrggh!! i am covering up my ears (eyes! :-D) and "lalalalala"-ing so I don't hear what you are saying.....:-D
I knew it was just too good to be true! oh well...Marthat had that whole prison thing, it's only fitting that Anthea has her "evil side"!!

at least my house is getting clean...and Cadbury IS a good bar!! :-)

musingwoman said...

Babies are just so sweet!

And speaking of housecleaning, I just remembered I forgot to start the dishwasher, so off I go...

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have been using self tanners for over 10 years. And yes, I have lived in AZ and FL. Sad.
I have not had any problems with any of them...i do prefer the creams as opposed to the sprays. And just stay with the 'fair' ones...that way you don't look like an oompa loompa.
The baby: Way delish. Like fresh brownies. yum!
I have always found Martha to be a bit is the word....too HARD. DEMANDING. INTIMIDATING. This Anthea, she seems more my type of girl.
I do like Martha....and I refer to her books/website on occasion, but I think she is wayyyyy unrealistic.
This week: you get an honorary Tiara from ME!!! Congrats.

The Girl Next Door said...

I have earned the moniker "baby hog." Love Love Love Other People's Babies

and chuck it? Music to my ears. While the kids are left behind in Spain I will be Throwing THings Away at home!

And self tanners? Some work but it almost takes more effort than the real thing! Of course, then you have that whole cancer thing...

hulagirlatheart said...

That baby? Simply adorable!

Step away from the baby...step away from the baby...

Janet said...

I love what you said at the end...I think of things all the time that make me chuckle and some folks thing I'm weird for it...hell, MOST folks think I'm weird anyway.

Hmmm...I must've not been endowed with that baby & ovaries thing...babies don't do a thing for me! Puppies, now...puppies I <3!!! That baby is adorable, tho!

Susan said...

You were having baby pains? OMG, I'm glad they passed.

Yarni Gras! said...

sweeeeet baby!
As far as the tan thing goes. Ugh. I used to cook for HOURS to barely get a tan. Then I tried the self tan stuff? Oh yeah, totally allergic to it. So THEN I did the baby oil and iodine thing....which fried me to bits but worked as it also stains your skin in the process.
That is what happens to super white girls who live in Florida.
So. Not. Fair.