Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day..Schmabor Day..I had to work.

...and this is how I am feeling tonight!!

So, while all of you in the USA are getting your barbecues all ready to go...and the potato salad made...and putting that beer on ice...please remember that some of us (ME!) had to work today!

Actually...I have to admit that when someone mentioned on a blog I was reading this weekend about the "3-day holiday"....and...."not working on Monday"...I was all like "what the heck is going on?".

Yes, my friends....I am suffering from something that does indeed happen to ex-pats, such as myself....since there are many holidays that are celebrated in the good ole' U.S. of A. that the rest of the world does NOT....we are known to actually...forget...about those holidays or celebrations!

Oh...the big ones like Christmas...New Year...Easter...Halloween...we do here...but it's the ones like Labor Day that gets tossed waaaaaay back in my memory bank.

So...whatever it is that you are doing today....have a good one. Be safe. And if you are somewhere...where you are NOT going to be driving...please...drink a cold one for me (I prefer Corona, Margaritas, or if I'm feeling whimsical and sitting on the patio with my SIL Leslie, then I'll have a Mike's Lemonade!!)

Today was the first day back to school for Issei. We had a talk this morning over breakfast about how I knew he could do so much better this term....that I wanted him to try just a little bit harder and do just a little bit more...he could do it...I knew he could!! (Why, yes, I was a cheerleader in high did you know?!?!)
I also "told" myself that I'm going to have to work on not harping and complaining to him as much and really working hard on encouraging him and pushing for him to get more organized and to do more in class.

I have realized that I am fighting my own DNA here....I'm afraid "what we have here..... is a failure to communicate" no no!! (that was a random movie you know it? From one of my most favorite movies)....what we have is a classic case of "apple tree/apple"....


I remember when I was in school....I was completely happy with B's and C's....and the A's I would get, were great, but nothing that I had to have. Homework? Usually done late at night or while eating breakfast the day it was due. Assignments? Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'll get to it later...I work better under pressure (really, I do!!)

I never saw this kind of behavior as being thinks, yeah, it is.

This is going to be a long haul....and my mom? I think that when I was telling her about this, I heard her laugh....really quietly...but, I swear I heard a snicker. since I'm tired and I am all about blatantly taking borrowing ideas from my friends' blogs.....I found something over at my friend Nancy's place (Hey! She said I could!!) that is waaay too fun to do. Go to "yearbook yourself" and see what kind of damage you can do with your picture!! You can choose photos from 1950-2000.

Me in 1960...looking surprisingly similiar to my Mom...same glasses!



1996...I actually like this hairstyle!!

I did the ones for the K-Man and I think he snorted a couple times when he saw them!!! Very funny stuff!! Thanks, Nancy for sharing this site!!

Aaaaannnddd....since it has been brought to my attention that I haven't had any...well...ahem..."eye candy" in a bit...(Really, it hasn't been that long, it just seems like it!! I have created "eye candy monsters" with some of you!! :-D)

I'm all about keeping the masses give to you...a wish...

That you all have an angel watching over you today...and always...

(And quit trying to look up under that towel!! You know you just did...and if you didn't, you will now!!!!)

Have a great day!!


Nancy said...

Your yearbook pics are great!
I too,like that last hair style ... I was thinking of maybe trying it for real.

Happy Labor day ...even though you are working. =(

smalltownmom said...

I see behaviors in my sons that I recognize from my own childhood. Oh dear.

Helena said...

HAHAHA! That yearbook thingy is hillarious!
And thanks for the beautiful angel.. Archangel Mancakel maybe :-)

Anonymous said...

Deb, just had to let you know here in Eads America we all work, kids go to school so we can all take off/close during county fair Sept. 12 and 13. So I too feel your pain but plan on that drink after work. Later, Shellie

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've done the Yearbook thing for Wednesday--it's too much fun.

I'll throw a burger on for you!

ms-teacher said...

I think that is why the middle child and I bump heads so much. We are both too much alike for our own good.

Thank you for the eye-candy, although he looks like a transport from SF :) (what with the wings and all).

Janet said...

such a purty angel ;-)

hulagirlatheart said...

Well, yes I did look. How did you know? That first picture is hilarious.

Manager Mom said...

That yearbook thing is sweeping the blogosphere. I'd do it myself, but I still am rocking a vaguely 80's kind of mullety thing so people probably wouldn't even notice.

The Girl Next Door said...

FUNNY yearbooks! And now that you and Mrs. g have more than satisfied my mancake cravings, I can go to bed. Sorry you missed Buffett. I did have a couple two-"tree" drinks for you at buffett and Beyond. And thought of you my friend.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I have got to try that yearbook thing!

The angel? Um. No.

How's that Issei doing in school so far? ;-)

Karen MEG said...

The homework thing is hard isn't it? Too much/ not enough...I was a total keener in school, hated getting B's, my husband, well not so much... we'll see with the boy. He seems a little in the middle, but toward the Dad side.

Sorry I missed this post, that Yearbook thing is a hoot!

And thanks again for the eye candy, and because you are a great pal now, I'll admit, I DID try to peek under there ;)

3rdEyeMuse said...

awesome post, D! my daughter tends to be a lot more like her dad, so when I see myslef in her, it's even more of a surprise (once in a while - it's even a good surprise)

those yearbook pics are hysterical! can't wait to try it myself. :)

and thank you, thank you for sending the angel to look over me.