Sunday, September 14, 2008

As far as days did remember this man, don't you?

Remember one of the very first commercials you might have noticed him....there he was, very early in the morning, trying to wake up, walking through the house mumbling "It's time to make the donuts. It's time to make the donuts." I loved him. I thought he was much funnier than the "Where's the beef?" grandma. (IMHO)
Anyway.....Issei is NOT a morning person. It is so hard to wake his butt up in the morning...especially if there is someplace to go (ie. school!!). Yesterday, I had classes, so the boys had to go to their "places"....Koji to the daycare and Issei to the "afterschool/Saturday daycare for big kids". And yes, Koji was up and ready to go like someone had put a fire to his bottom and then.....Issei....not EVEN wanting to move out of the confines of the nest he had built in his bed., being me and thinking I'm just too cute for words....I go into the room and as I am nudging him...I say, "Come on's time to make the donuts. It's time to make the donuts." To which he responded with a mumble and a rollover that almost knocked me off the bed.
Finally....he rolled out and came shuffling into the kitchen, mumbling something about donuts..because, my Issei..... is all about the donuts.

When I gave him his toast (with strawberry jelly), 2 Jimmy Dean sausages and a small container of yogurt...he looked at me with the most hurt of looks on his face and said," I thought we were having donuts?!?!"

Quick thinking mom that I am responded with, "Only if you're making them."

Issei was not amused. I, on the other hand, giggled about it for most of the day!!

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest...Really?? was from when God was making the earth and everything...must be something written in the fine print about it applying only to "Gods, Goddesses and other higher beings" because I have to tell you now....It's not so resty for this about-as-full-time-as-you-can-get-working-momma camper.

As my coffee was brewing (NOT as fast as I think it should be....may have to order a new, speedier coffee maker...) I was trying to see where the typhoon was that is 'out there' somewhere. Earlier, we thought that it was going to China, but...and really, if you look at the drawings on the weather channel, it looks as if it hit their coast and then did one of those pinball kind of ricochets and is now, yes, you guessed it...headed our way. Damn.

According to the weather channel, it will be the closest to us here in Nagasaki on Tuesday...probably late afternoon...IF it continues on the path they think it is going. I'll keep you posted.

And speaking of weather....for any of you in the South Texas area who were hit by the hurricane...I hope that you are safe and those around you are too. Looking at the pictures on the Internet just make me sad.....Mother Nature seems to be pretty mad about something and is taking it out on a lot of people. I hope the recovery is faster and better run than when Katrina hit. My thoughts are with you all!!!

Anyway....( train of thought is so easily derailed!!) ....after my coffee and weather report and checking of the TV schedule to see when Prison Break and Dr. House were going to be on today (FYI...later in the afternoon!), I did some laundry (while the weather was still pretty nice.) and then.....I pushed up my sleeves and got to work on the boys' room.

Holy Toledo!! It took me awhile to work through it all, but...3 hours and 4 garbage bags filled to the point of bursting later.....the room went from this.....(taken about a quarter of the way done) this.

(Sorry the pictures are a bit cell phone camera must have been going for that "soft image" look without my knowing it!!!)

I deserved a break after all treated myself to some Sweet Baby James on the stereo....some "me" time with my feet up and one...two of my favorite the was wonderful.

I hope you all have a great Sunday. Get some rest. Put your feet up. Grab a beer. Enjoy!


Mrs. G. said...

Man, your hard work looks so clean and organized. I hope you enjoyed your music and beer-great combo.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love the before and after--su ch satisfaction.

Enjoy the calm before the storm (literally, it would seem).

smalltownmom said...

AMAZING job on that room!

i am very mary said...

Ooooh- before and after! Love it!

phd in yogurtry said...

You certainly know the right flavor of beer! Cheers!

I was watching Dr House yesterday, too - it was House Marathon. First time watching and I'm hooked.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Wow! It's the first time I've visited here, and you are welcome in our home anytime! Come on over -- I made coffee, my favorite beverage. Bring the music, 'cause my husband LOVES Jimmy Buffet, we both love James Taylor. "Where the Wild Things" are is my favorite book, next to "In the Night Kitchen". :) Also, the Corona looks good.

Hope the typhoon is a bust or goes back out to sea or something. We got some heavy rain from Hanna here in central Virginia. My heart goes out to all the people past and present, dealing with loss and distruction from these storms.

Moxy Jane said...

It is "Dr. House", isn't it? I'm so used to "House, M.D." that it took me a minute to realize what you were referring to!

We weathered IKE just fine here in Austin, although Galveston and Houston were hit pretty hard. I will be praying that your typhoon fizzles out as well.

Great job on the cleaning...and on the relaxing!!

Helena said...

Oh I bet your son was not impressed with the donut joke.

I'm impressed with the tidying of that room!!!